But Costas Sure Has Nice

But Costas Sure Has Nice Teeth
Junk Yard Blog had some lovely words about the Olympics yesterday — and a well-reasoned trashing of NBC’s coverage of the Games. I covered the same ground this morning, just not nearly as well.


Bryan made a point I’d missed, concerning Bob Costas ruining the entry of the WTC American flag into the stadium. Now, Bob Costas is the smartest man on television. Unfortunately, he knows this.

So we’ll never get him to shut up.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I like Costas because we’re both St. Louis boys, we both got our starts at KMOX (although I was a mere intern), and we both think we know everything. Bob ended up with the better media career, but I still have better hair. I only pick on him because I have no TV shows and he has, at last count, all of them.


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