Half a Dozen Stingers for

Half a Dozen Stingers for One Little Pony Keg of 3.2? Outrageous!
We now have more soldiers patrolling Utah than we do Afghanistan. An odd bit of trivia, with one worrying detail.


Where are the men going to get their beer? I’m far less worried about a terrorist strike in Salt Lake City than I am about restless troops with no beer. It’s one thing to go without in the Arabian desert. There was a real war on, in a real foreign country, and you were out in the middle of damn nowhere.

Flash forward to 2002. You’re in a (supposedly) American city with no real work to do and the biggest party in the world going on right in front of you. Man, this could get ugly.

Kidding, of course. Our men and women will do just fine. My only hope is they actually get to enjoy some of the Games. They’ve earned it.


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