Which Little Knobby Thing Makes

Which Little Knobby Thing Makes the Wheels Come Out?
In an NYT op-ed but today, Alice Amsden asks, “Why Are Globalizers So Provincial?

She complains that the US appoints the head of the World Bank, and that the modern, Western countries control the IMF and the WTO. Let me tell Ms. Amsden something — no one wants to fly in a plane piloted by the passengers.


We control these things because we’re the ones who can and do make trade work. Put Communist party hacks in charge of a global bank? A tribal leader from a land where the laws of cause and effect are seen as prosaic leading the IMF? The Butcher of Bagdhad working for a level playing field?

This college drop-out expects something a bit smarter from an MIT prof like Amsden.


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