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I'd Hate to See His

I'd Hate to See His Underwear from Tuesday Night

In a move puzzling even to Iranians, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said he is "honored" to be targeted as a terrorist by the "Great Satan." Said one man-on-the-Tehran-street, "It's like Khamenei has some sort of death wish. Or maybe he's just got a really nice cave, like that Oswald or Osman guy or whatever his name was."

"There are some satans in the world, but America indeed is the great Satan," Khamenei said, flames spewing out his ears and trying to hide his cloven hooves in oversized Gucci loafers.

So kids, who wants to bet VodkaPundit one Absolut Citron Martini that we're busy programing cruise missiles at government targets in Tehren right now?