Sure, It Wasn't the 'Goodest' One, But Biden Let Something Slip in His ABC Interview

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I finally got around to watching the ostensibly horrible—OMG!—interview that Joe Biden gave ABC News. He wouldn't win a CEO position in the real world with this performance, but it wasn't as bad as the debate. That's an improvement, right? 


Let's stipulate that it's never a good thing when anyone, much less a president, has to explain why he's not brain-damaged, dementia-addled, and checked out most of the time. Biden insisted there was nothing wrong with him and didn't need a cognitive test because "I've had, I get a full neurological test every day with me." Besides, President Syntax added, "No one said I had to [have one]. No one said. They say I'm good." This is complete nonsense, of course. He's not good. The only one praising Joe is his wife, who tells President Three-Year-Old that she is so proud of him because he "answered all the questions!" 

There was one thing, however, that Joe gave up, and he probably wished he hadn't. 

It wasn't the part about how if he fails to get out of the race and then loses in November, it will be OK because, "I'll feel as long as I gave it my all and I did the goodest [sic] job as I know I can do, that's what this is about." 

And it wasn't the laugh-out-loud line about how the guy who showered with his daughter, skinny dipped in front of female Secret Service agents, pimped out his crackhead son, and engaged in selling out our country to our enemies would restore "decency" to the office. And don't get me started on Abbey Gate, billions to mullahs, "expanding" NATO, and the clowns he surrounds himself with. 


Look at them.

And this brings us to the big tell Biden conveyed in the interview. Who is running this White House, anyway? It was the subject of one of my recent pieces in which I wondered who among the bloated White House staff was calling the shots because it's not Joe or Kamala. 

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In his best disingenuous frenemy style, ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked if Joe was physically OK because the job "takes a toll." The former Clinton comms guy wondered, using his best concerned voice, if Joe has "the mental and physical capacity to do it for another four years." I'm only shocked the lilliputian-sized host didn't reach over to place his hand on Biden's forehead to feel for a fever. 

In response, Biden concocted a word salad of talking points he'd been given, but amid the blurble, he revealed some truth. 

[Y]ou know, the next President of the United States, it's not just about whether he or she knows what they're doin'... It's— it's— it's not— not about a con— a conglomerate of people making decisions. It's about the character of the president. The character of the president's gonna determine whether or not this Constitution is employed the right way. [emphasis added]


I believe President Non-Compos Mentis admitted that it really doesn't matter if a president "knows what he's doing" or what day it is because a "conglomerate of people" are making his decisions for him. His only contribution is being cut out of great "character." And we all know what that's worth.



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