The Treacherous Way West Coast, Messed Coast™ Governors Threaten the Gun Rights of All Americans

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California, Oregon, and Washington comprise a cartel whose leftist leaders are in real-time fundamentally transforming America into a place where only they, criminals, and a diminishing number of local cops will have legal guns. Rights are being subsumed so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of all of the treacherous ways the government is killing individualism. The left has instigated a regulatory scheme to capture as many law-abiding citizens as possible for maximum power. Planned energy scarcity and rationing and extinguishing Second Amendment rights — gun rights — are two of their favorite strings to pull.


The security and regulatory state gets bigger while the citizen gets smaller. For products of public schools, here’s a tip: that’s not how any of this is supposed to work.

Let’s talk about gun rights on what I call the West Coast, Messed Coast™, where elected autocrats seek to create new classes of criminals who — who knows? — may end up in a political gulag in the very near future. Move over, J6 trespassers.

All three governors, who have released criminals from jails and prisons and allow open-air drug use and criminality on the streets, use out-of-state mass shootings as the reason why law-abiding gun owners should give up their rights. But that’s not how this is supposed to work, either.

All three states have imposed ammo magazine bans on the born-free Americans residing in their states. Before all the saber-rattling by the states, gun manufacturers and gun owners knew that factory magazines came with more than ten rounds.

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These three state leaders now call anything larger than a ten-round mag “large capacity magazines.” Don’t be a chump and use their nomenclature. They just made this up so their fluffers in the media and Michael Bloomberg pearl clutchers would misinform people. It’s the same with homemade and 3D printer guns. The left calls them ghost guns (insert scary music here), but they’re not scarier than any other gun. If their overlords in the government haven’t put their stamp of approval on the gun, then, by their lights, it’s more scary. It’s tantamount to calling kit cars ghost cars, or handmade airplanes ghost planes. Stop the stupid, please.


In Oregon, Washington, and California, all kinds of people own guns, be they anarchists, Antifa, BLM, hunters, city slickers, ranchers, or farmers. But in November 2022, voters in the politically polarized state of Oregon barely passed Measure 114 to force citizens to get a permit to purchase a firearm, get special state training that doesn’t exist, and, most worrisome, limit the amount of ammo a gun owner was legally allowed to possess. It’s currently stayed, pending a Harney County judge’s decision.

In March of 2022, Washington State Democrats passed Senate Bill 5078 with the same kind of magazine bans at the behest of the guy who’s now running for governor.

California voters passed a limit on magazine size in 2016.

Rinse, repeat.

All were promised that mass shootings would be reduced with these laws. The measures were promulgated by people who sought to end individual gun ownership but, for the moment, will settle for taking their bullets.

Let’s stipulate the obvious: guns are dangerous. That’s why one should get training. And that’s why a recent 9th Circuit Court decision upholding the legality of teaching kids in gun and shooting clubs is so important. The decision overturned a California law passed by … Democrats who wanted to shut down gun education to minors. The left loves to give your child a how-to guide on anal sex and fellatio in grade school, but not how to respect guns and possibly save their own life.


Currently in Oregon, the (state) constitutionality of Measure 114 is in the hands of a Harney County judge, who oversaw a six-day trial. An effort to stop it from being implemented was already turned down by federal district court Judge Karin Immergut, the Fani Willis of the federal judiciary.

It turns out, she’s got a twin in federal court in Washington State.

On Tuesday, Judge Mary K. Dimke, emphasis on the “dim,” ruled that the plaintiffs challenging the Washington law were unlikely to succeed because they “offered insufficient evidence suggesting that the text of the Second Amendment was meant to include large capacity magazines.” See what happens when your side’s in charge of making up words and their definitions? Furthermore, Dimke didn’t even think that magazines were part of a gun or even covered by the Second Amendment. I am not making this up.

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She said, “The Court must insist that there be a historical record in order to make a determination on the meaning of the word ‘arms’ as used in the Second Amendment.”

The folks at Washington Gun Law report that the dim judge was handed the Duncan v. Bonta decision last week, slapping down gun magazine bans, before she released this decision, which by all appearances is a 32-page recitation of I Don’t Know What a Gun Is.


The timing of the release of this pile of poo is suspect. Dimke promised she’d have the decision ready ten months ago. But the sands of time move slowly when trying to further the left’s anti-gun agenda. Gee, I didn’t know all you gun owners would be hamstrung if I took my sweet time on this decision.

This ruling’s timing is meant to flood the zone to pressure the Harney County decision and to allow the media to ignore the explosive California federal court decision, which will, along with the Bruen decision, become the Rosetta Stone of gun rights law.

By the way, in that California federal court decision, the farthest along of all the cases, Judge Benitez wrote:

… During the Nation’s founding-era, federal and state governments enacted laws for the formation and maintenance of citizen militias. Three such statutes are described in Miller .225 Rather than restricting too much firing capacity, the laws mandated a minimum firing capacity. These statutes required citizens to arm themselves with arms and a minimum quantity of bullets and gunpowder, not to disarm themselves. When Congress passed the Militia Act in 1792,226 the law required a citizen to be equipped to fire at least 20 to 24 shots.227

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… California’s large capacity magazine ban did not exist and could not have existed under the understanding of the Second Amendment at the time of the Founding. This is clear because militia laws of the federal and state governments required citizens to keep and carry more ammunition supplies than 10 rounds. A prohibition like § 32310 would have been impossible to enforce and runs contrary to legal commands for militia readiness.

Removable firearm magazines of all sizes are necessary components of semiautomatic firearms. Therefore, magazines come within the text of the [constitution].


The harm, of course, is that until these state leftists acknowledge the Bruen decision, they will continue to do as Oregon has done — deny background checks for guns because of the unsettled nature of the case so far.

That means that Oregonians can’t fully use their Second Amendment rights. For the public school crowd, that’s unconstitutional.

Other states are taking notes.

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