Ashley Biden Recording CONFIRMS That the Infamous Diary Is Hers, and Sick Joe May Have to Head to the Showers

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Joe and Jill Biden’s daughter Ashley confirmed on an audio recording that the diary she abandoned at a Palm Beach residence is hers, according to a shocking new report by Project Veritas. The investigative news outlet founded by James O’Keefe not only confirmed again that the diary and other belongings left behind at the home were Ashley’s but also included the original call to Veritas’s tip line to prove they hadn’t stolen it.


An audio recording of the woman who called Project Veritas’s tip line on Sept. 3, 2020, said her family knew the people who rented out the house and that Ashley Biden stayed in one of the bedrooms and left behind a diary. On the voicemail, the unidentified woman said, “The diary is pretty crazy. I think it’s worth taking a look at. It’s not a joke, it’s real. I’d love to get it in your hands.”

It sure was “crazy.” Ashley Biden suffered from sexual and drug addictions and wrote in her diary that her dad would often take showers with her. She also wrote that she would wait until late at night to take showers to avoid her dad slipping into the shower with her.

Project Veritas talked with Ashley Biden, who confirmed that the diary and all the belongings she left behind were verifiably hers (see the video below). She left behind the “diary, clothes, luggage, pills…” and verified that they were all hers. This is the first time the news outlet has divulged the audio recordings.

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Ashley Biden’s voice is on an audio recording confirming the items were hers. “I don’t want to have to get the Secret Service involved at this point, right, because it just isn’t, it’s a whole process,” she told the reporter. “I am Ashley Biden; it is my stuff. I know you sent a picture to my husband with a camera and a few other things that are mine as well.”


The reporter asked her, “There’s also this bag with luggage tags on it as well. Is that bag yours too, Ashley?” She responded, “Yeah, it is.”

During its undercover reporting, Project Veritas asked the Biden campaign for a comment. Eventually, that request landed on the desk of Biden’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan. Indeed, when it decided it could not publish the diary, Veritas tried to give it to Kaplan.

On the day Kaplan got word of the diary, she demanded that prosecutors from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) be notified, and documents show that the Feds opened an investigation that same day. Kaplan is also E. Jean Carroll’s attorney, the woman who sued Donald Trump for an attack in a New York department store. It must be nice having your private prosecutors and FBI agents run interference for you.

Project Veritas wrote that it sent into motion an “unconstitutional FBI [raid] of three Veritas journalists.”

When Project Veritas reached out to the Biden campaign for comment on October 16th of 2020, Ashley Biden’s attorney, Ms. Kaplan, responded by email stating, “We should send to the Southern District of New York.” Shortly thereafter, the SDNY approved the first of 19 secret subpoenas, orders, and warrants, which gave the Department of Justice unfettered access to Project Veritas’ newsroom, sensitive email and phone data, and gag orders preventing our journalists from knowing about the seizures. “

After getting what Veritas characterized as the “secret subpoenas,” the FBI conducted early morning raids on James O’Keefe and two other Veritas reporters’ homes. They were never charged nor prosecuted. Even as gunned-up FBI agents were tossing the bewildered O’Keefe’s apartment and confiscating his tools of the trade, one agent told him he wasn’t “being detained.” The Feds walked off with 47 recording devices, phones, laptops, and thumb drives belonging to the reporters, according to Veritas.


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And the legal fight over the “unprecedented and unconstitutional attacks” on reporters continues. Project Veritas reports that “any day now, Judge Analisa Torres will rule on the government’s request to see our privileged materials in this case.”

Of course, after the raids blew up a news cycle a couple of years ago, the real news of the Ashley Biden diary story, with its sick and telling claims about Joe Biden, became, in the corporate media, a story about Project Veritas “stealing” the diary or “hacking” the diary, when it came from a tipster who had the abandoned diary and sold it to the outlet.

Can anyone deny now that the diary is Ashley Biden’s? What other efforts will corporate media take to hide it?

Joe Biden trades on his family’s tragedies. It appears that with Hunter and Ashley’s problems, he’s the cause.

Aren’t you glad someone tells you the truth about the Biden Crime Family?

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