Seattle Naked Pedal-phile 'Pride' Parade in Front of Kids Is Sick, But Wait, There's More!

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At a “pride” parade celebrating gay, trans, and +++ people in Seattle over the weekend, some were amused while others were shocked and thoroughly disgusted by a contingent of mostly male exhibitionists who rode bikes buck naked. The men, waving their dingle dangles and freak flags, rode bikes to strike a blow for pedal-philes everywhere — or something.


They also think it’s really rude of you to notice and comment on it.

The crack news team over at Seattle’s KOMO 4 News, who grew up in a time of anything goes until the cops come, doesn’t understand that indecent exposure is a crime. This is exemplified by a story entitled, “Reports of nudity at Seattle’s Pride events draws attention but no official complaints.” It details that “beyond not wearing their clothes, the people apparently caused no problems.” This is like standing in front of an inferno and swearing that, sure, the riot was fiery but it was mostly peaceful.

Since it’s obvious that a main idea behind “pride” is being proud of same-sex attraction and the consummation of said attraction, sex is basically what a peloton of peddling perverts is all about. But don’t you dare question their motives.

The website for the organization notes that the “This LGBTQIA+ reunion” — reunion? — is a “free, fun, community-wide celebration advancing awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues and promoting mutual respect and equal human rights for all.”


We’re pretty sure no self-respecting person believes “mutual respect and equal human rights” are served by the awareness of naked men shaking their private parts in public. Usually, a “community” is made up of an array of decent people sans perverts, but what happened on Saturday was a civic embarrassment at the very least.  Usually, this behavior will get you a trip to jail or a star turn on “To Catch a Predator.”

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In fact, community standards being what they are, or at least used to be, this is indecent behavior, most especially in front of children — or with children, as you’ll see in this video:

Did you catch that? Here it is in slower motion.


In what world does anyone take pride in bicycling naked in public with a child?

And when is it appropriate for naked men to play in the pubic water feature where children play?

These men know it’s not appropriate, and they get some weird pleasure from exposing themselves in front of children. It’s wrong. Does the act of being naked in public provide them some sexual pleasure from the shock value? Maybe these weirdos should ask Joe Biden’s daughter, who blames her sex addiction on her dad showering with her at an inappropriate age.

Nudity is legal in Seattle. But indecent exposure, which this appears to be, is against the law.

A Seattle lawyer teases out the issues with this full frontal rudity in public.

In Washington, a person commits the crime of indecent exposure if that person intentionally exposes himself or herself – or exposes someone else – in a manner that is “open and obscene” while knowing such conduct will probably cause “reasonable affront or alarm” to any observers.

To convict someone of indecent exposure, a prosecutor must prove each of these four “elements” of the crime:

Intentionality: A person may be convicted of indecent exposure only if the exposure was intentional.
Knowing the exposure may cause affront or alarm: It does not have to be a perpetrator’s intent to cause affront or alarm. It’s enough that the perpetrator was aware that affront or alarm would probably occur.

Exposure: This is the most obvious element of the crime, but simple nudity alone, whether partial or total, does not constitute indecent exposure.

An open and obscene manner: There must be an open and obscene level or manner of exposure. The law explicitly spells out that breastfeeding in public is not “obscene” and does not constitute indecent exposure.


Question: are any alarm bells going off for anyone about this?

And what’s worse is that the city embraces this kind of behavior in the name of equity or something.  When is it ever OK for strange adults to expose themselves to children in public — and get sponsorships for doing it? Talking to you, Starbucks, you whackadoodledoos.

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We’re sorry to report, however, that things are going to get worse. The weekend before this “pride” event, the Seattle naked bike ride took place.  As you can imagine, it was more of this type of behavior.

Portland also holds a yearly naked bike ride to, you know, Keep Portland Weird.

Both the event and the slogan were stolen from other cities in the name of originality.

Portland’s naked bike ride occurs in the evening, but riders start earlier in the daytime and ride through neighborhoods — to get a rise out of the neighbors. There’s just something about the gasps and shocked looks from Portlanders and their children that gets these pedal-philes off. After the ride, several of Portland’s “naked friendly” watering holes open their doors to accommodate the weirdos. Streets are closed. Police are tasked with performing traffic control to keep the naked bicycle riders safe. As usual, Portland protects its weirdos.


“Clothing is optional but helmets and shoes are still recommended,” writes a local news outlet. Intersectionality has its privileges.

When I was a kid, my friends and I were walking through a local park on the way to school. A man was there, holding his outie to get a reaction out of us. He did it for sexual pleasure. But instead of being affirmed for being a sex pervert predating upon children, he would have been arrested. Times have changed.

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