Jailed Luggage Thief Sam Brinton Is Also a Member of the L.A. Dodgers' Favorite Anti-Catholic Group

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Joe Biden’s former nuclear waste czar, who in his off-hours liked to steal women’s luggage and then pose for selfies in their clothing, has another underreported entry on his curriculum vitae. Sam Brinton is also a member of the L.A. Dodgers’ favorite anti-Catholic political group, whose members dress up as drag nuns and mock Christ–and whose slogan is “go and sin some more.”


But Briton won’t be performing in the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'” Washington, D.C. coven much in the near future.


It seems Sam’s busy in jail.

Brinton, who dresses like a woman and whose lipstick technique appears to have been honed at clown college (as you can see in the bottom right of the photo above), is currently in “’pre-placement’ hold at the [Montgomery County] jail and should be housed with the ‘general population’ of the men’s jail sometime next week.”

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His latest case pertains to the theft of a suitcase full of unique designs by an African designer at Reagan Airport in 2018.

There have been several other thefts.


Brinton’s jail home will be determined by whether he has “male or female genitalia, whether they [meaning Sam] present a management or security problem, and whether their [Sam’s] health and safety can be ensured,” according to the New York Post. 

Brinton was arrested last week as a “fugitive from justice” according to the Daily Wire. Men with guns came and got him like he was a Republican or something.

So much is going on in this 35-year-old man’s life.

Before the Biden Administration named him to be a key contributor at the nuclear waste division at the Department of Energy, Brinton appeared on the show of a drag queen nun of the Boston branch of the Sisters and talked about his life and drag nun persona — Sister Ray Dee O’Active (get it?).

He enthused about meeting a table full of “sisters” at an event when he was an MIT student.

“I consider the sisters to be like gods and goddesses among the people,” he enthused to “Sister Lida Christ.” Brinton continued, “I still do believe this in a way … it was a beautiful sister moment of ‘no, you are worthy as you are.’ Oh, my God!”

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I wonder how many women will recognize their stolen shoes in Sam’s background.


And Brinton was asked how he successfully kept so many balls in the air in his busy life.

Brinton told of how his husband considers him to be the “weirdest batman ever –- maybe batwoman, bat person.  By day I save LGBT kids from suicide, by night I save the world from nuclear annihilation and when I can, I put on a nice white [light?] face and move about the world bringing cheer and removing guilt.”

He offered that, “I do hear voices in my head a lot, asking me a question and then like solving it.”

“It’s not like I’m going crazy,” he said, but “it’s just that my brain can only process so much at a time and so it keeps things in storage for when I’m not writing or doing. Oh, and it’s like ‘Oh! can you solve this problem now?’ How do I self care? You know, I tell it [my mind] you know what? I look forward to solving the problem for you later on. Right now I’m just going to play an hour of video games. And right now I’m going to make a smoothie. And right now I’m going to sing.”

As you can tell, Sam’s got a lot on his mind.

He’ll have time to sort it out, however, while he’s biding his time in jail for stealing women’s clothes at yet another airport.

And Brinton is just the kind of guy the Los Angeles Dodgers probably had in mind when they announced they’d celebrate the “sisters” for gay pride at the Major League Baseball game.


After the announcement that they would honor the drag nuns, the team was inundated by complaints from Catholics around the country. Indeed, the team said the invitation was revoked because it would hurt the “spirit of unity” it intended to inspire.

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But in the game of intersectional rock, paper, scissors, drag queen nuns outweigh real ones.

So the Dodgers reversed themselves and groveled to the fake nuns by apologizing. Please come back! We’re really, really sorry we hurt your feelings. No apology was extended to religious adherents.

In a town with a high percentage of Latinos who are Catholic, one might wonder how the June 16 game against San Francisco will be received.

The group whose members mock Jesus in celebrations on Easter, hold “hunky Jesus” contests, and name themselves lewd names wins the day.

Maybe next year they’ll invite troops of gay Islamic followers. That’s a bang-up idea!


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