It's Time for Hillary to Pay for What She's Done to America

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Hillary Clinton lied. She knew Donald Trump was not a Russian spy. Trump knew she was lying. The FBI knew she lied but went after Trump anyway. The CIA knew she lied. President Barack Obama knew she lied. Joe Biden knew she lied. The FBI covered up for her. The CIA covered up for her. The DOJ covered up for her. Barack Obama covered for her and so did Joe Biden.


“We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying,” according to the sardonic epigram attributed to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

He was describing life and imprisonment under Stalin. But it’s an apt description for the Democrats’ reign at Main Justice and the FBI. There’s justice and then there’s just us. America has sunk to new depths of political depravity, treating members of one political party differently from another, as pointed out in the Durham Report.

Justice without fear or favor, Merrick Garland? My ass.

Durham wrote the “Clinton Plan” was conceived to distract from her very real and very illegal destruction of evidence — her emails — which were under a preservation order. “According to the declassified Clinton Plan intelligence, on July 26, 2016, Clinton allegedly approved a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to tie Trump to Russia as a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

Clinton’s apparatchiks, including Jennifer Palmieri, John Podesta, and Jake Sullivan, told the Special Counsel they knew nothing of the plan to distract from Hillary’s email scandal, describing such a plan as ridiculous. Durham found their protestations ridiculous.

Here’s Hillary touting the “connection” between Trump and the Alfa Bank scam. Sullivan, Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser — which should help explain why his administration’s foreign policy is such a cluster — amplified her tweet as well.


“During the same week, Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, stated in media interviews that the campaign believed that the Russian government had carried out the DNC hack to assist Trump’s electoral chances and that Trump had made troubling statements,” the report states.

And Hillary’s pet attack dogs, Fusion GPS, seeded the fake story with their compliant fellow travelers in the media, including The Wall Street Journal news reporters and Reuters.

Fusion GPS’s Peter Fritsch “emailed Franklin Foer of Slate stating ‘now we need to do the next level, which is in the works.’ Foer responded, ‘Good deal -what’s the next level? And is it a sex scandal?’ Fritsch replied, ‘It’s who carter page met with in early july and what they talked about.’

On July 25, 2016, Mark Hosenball of Reuters sent Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS an email stating ‘if you have stuff on the Carter Page guy, including his most recent Russian excursion, pis. send. Doing two Russian hacking stories today and might be able to do another as early as tomorrow.’


But it’s about time someone paid for all this lying which has corroded the very depths of the “intelligence community,” especially the FBI, and the body politic as a whole – reaching the top of the Obama White House when then-CIA Director John Brennan briefed President Obama about the “alleged approval by Hillary Clinton on July 26, 2016, of a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by Russian security services.”

None of these privileged Washington swells is going to the D.C. Gulag with the January 6ers. None has apologized to the American people or Donald Trump for putting them through this roiling cauldron of chaos.

Who should pay?


If no one will pay in prison then I propose a penalty for Hillary Clinton and her millions in shakedown dollars from her Clinton Foundation, which was under investigation by the FBI and DOJ — an investigation subsequently shut down because the 7th Floor didn’t want to upset Madam President.

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Durham included the text message between FBI attorney Lisa Page and investigator Peter Strzok:

Page: One more thing: [Clinton] may be our next president. The last thing you need [is] going in there loaded for bear. You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more doj than fbi?

Strzok: Agreed ….

It’s amazing what you can get away with when you’re a Democrat.


The Mueller Special Counsel investigation, which was strung out for years to bring maximum pain to Trump, cost the American taxpayers $32 million.

Mueller’s cover-up job and “investigation” into Trump Russia and Alfa Bank scams found no wrongdoing by Trump because, as we’ve learned, the idea that Trump was a Russian secret agent was a big fat lie conjured up by Hillary. That “investigation” doubled as a mop-up op to wipe Hillary’s fingerprints from her paid-for oppo research.

The Durham investigation has so far spent $6,556,507 through September 2022.

Hillary Clinton should pay for every one of the 939 days that John Durham spent retracing the steps of the corrupt FBI because of her lies.

This isn’t a simple “iron my shirt” dirty campaign trick. This was a whole-of-government attack on Donald Trump that cost more than $38,000,000 of other peoples’ money and cost him millions of dollars in attorneys fees.

Considering that the Clinton Foundation shakedown op took in  $111,959,695 in just the years 2017, 2018, and 2019 — after she lost the presidential election — she’s got some shekels to work with even after her fake expenses.

Despite all of the fake investigations into his background, character, and business dealings, Donald Trump is unbroken. He should sue Hillary, though, for defamation, pain, suffering, and whatever else he can contrive in New York City. I understand the Manhattan DA is big on those kinds of cases.


In the meantime, the American people would like their money back. Hand it over, Hill.

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