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There’s corruption and then there’s in-your-face corruption. Welcome to the West Coast, Messed Coast™ report this week on stories of corruption in the Democrat-run city-states of Oregon, Washington, and California. These are places where your children are no longer your children but individuals who Democrat legislatures have ordained are wards of the Borg. There are “high-speed” railway plans in the middle of nowhere. And then there’s the weed industry. Oh, my yes.

The Weed

As mentioned in last week’s West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, Oregon Secretary of State Shemia Fagan resigned her job as the top state auditor and operator of elections when it was learned that she was taking a $10,000 monthly payment from a pot operation while she was conducting an audit on – wait for it – the weed biz. And not only that, but Willamette Week reports Fagan allowed one of the owners of the weed business to help write the audit. Fagan has a deal from the La Mota to win $30,000 bonuses “for every cannabis license obtained in states outside of New Mexico and Oregon.”

It’s bad enough that Fagan was taking money and campaign cash from the organization whose name La Mota translates to The Weed, but a passel of politicians in Oregon was under the influence, too.

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Oregon Democrats, including the unfortunately named Tina Kotek, the governor, took money from La Mota, whose owners, Aaron Mitchell and Rosa Cazares, weren’t paying some taxes on their properties and were in trouble for nonpayment of other bills, including for the owners’ posh West Hills mansion in Portland from which they were later evicted.

‘Medical’ Marijuana

The couple moved to Oregon from Florida in 2009 to take advantage of Oregon voters who thought keeping Portland weird and high was a great idea. They approved the fakery called medical marijuana. When statewide cartel activity was approved in 2015, the La Mota people were ready to go with their “weed farms, processing facilities, warehouses, and at least 32 dispensaries.”


Their biggest move, however, wasn’t necessarily to corner the market on Oregon’s weed business but to corner the market on politicians. So in 2019, they began making huge donations to Democrats.

Governor Kotek took a total of $68,365 from the pot people. Senate President Rob Wagner received $12,500 from La Mota. State Treasurer Tobias Read received $1,800. Labor Commissioner Christina Stephenson got $7,500. The Senate Democratic Leadership Fund took in $10,000, and The Democratic Party of Oregon received cash too. Congressman Earl Blumenauer got $3,500, and Val Hoyle, who now sits in Congress, got $26,000 from the owners of The Weed, La Mota. Assorted Democrat state representatives were also liberally sprinkled with La Mona’s largesse.

While Hoyle gave her money back to The Weed people, many of the rest, including Kotek, gave the donation amount to their favorite NGOs or charities to get a tax deduction.

Cazares had hopes of running for governor one day, but her money troubles have resulted in her leaving a statewide group that grooms women for public office, and her company has had to close two Portland area dispensaries.

Circle of Life Hell

A few of the politicians who “gave back” money from The Weed people gave it to the Oregon Food Bank as a virtue-signaling move, but now we find that in this one-party state, even the Food Bank is politicized. The Food Bank and the Democratic Socialists are working together to pass Multnomah County Measure 26-238, the first local capital gains tax in the country.


In the tradition of the West Coast, Messed Coast™ one-party cartel, we find that among the people who conceived of the measure is an Antifa rioter who assaulted a police officer during the Summer of Love,  Evan Burchfield. He and his buddies at the Democratic Socialists of America gave the biggest donations to this money grab. The Oregon Food Bank gave $15,000 and was the second biggest donor to this wicked plan. The measure promises to use money raised by the capital gains tax to provide free attorneys for people who are evicted. Of course, like most cities and counties, there are already free attorneys for destitute people available and paid for by the same taxpayers.

Pump Jack

California Governor Gavin Newsom is trying mightily to not look too eager to jump in if or when Joe Biden is taken out of the presidential running for sniffing and fondling more girls or taking money from China. But Newsom will have a tough go of it.

Governor Hair Gel has not done even the most basic of things needed for California. He hasn’t kept people safe but has made it more dangerous for citizens by inviting more drug-addicted homeless to the state. Worse, he has done nothing to increase the one thing that would keep his citizens alive: water. He’s done nothing to increase reservoir capacity in the arid state.


Now, a West Coast, Messed Coast™ investigation firm has confirmed that mass amounts of water are being illegally taken from hydrants and put into tanker trucks, including one that was identified as being from a creamery, and taken to the pot farms in Santa Rosa and Petaluma.

The California Globe reports that even though record rains largely replenished the state’s reservoirs, citizens remain under draconian drought restrictions. However, “Last summer our members observed flagrant and massive water diversions in Santa Rosa and Petaluma. Huge tankers filled up at city hydrants and delivered city water to cannabis cultivation projects. This both violates several laws and flies in the face of demands to residents to reduce water usage.”

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It appears that an investor in Gavin Newsom’s Plumpjack Group could be one of the water thieves. The road to water thievery is a labyrinthine enterprise.

According to the Globe, some questions arise from such a connection.

As stakeholders in the community have vocalized, is Governor Newsom perhaps networking with local and state-level elected officials to support his own business endeavors? Is California truly in a drought, or is this a hoax to shut down competitors within the agricultural industry?


“Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown.”

Dianne Watch

The old girl ain’t looking too good.

Until our next West Coast, Messed Coast™ report, remember: politicians always make room for themselves. It’s up to you to keep them honest.

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