West Coast, Messed Coast™: Fire, Fire Everywhere — Thanks to the 'Homeless'

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Greetings, West Coast, Messed Coast™ readers, and today’s news begins with what the Homeless Industrial Complex has cost civilized society. The number is almost incalculable, but it went up by about $10 million this week. A “well-known” “homeless” person is accused of causing an estimated $10 million in damage by incinerating other people’s boats. Billions spent in apartments or tiny homes will do nothing to change a person’s heart, mental acuity, or desire to seek help.


From Seattle’s huge marina fire to homes threatened in Southern California and everywhere along the West Coast, Messed Coast™, the drug-addicted tent dwellers have instilled fear in people who want to be left alone, caused millions in lost productivity, destroyed homes or nearly so, and cost taxes from people fleeing the states.

The West Coast, Messed Coast™ has the worst “homeless” problem. Oregon, Washington, and California state governments and their local affiliates in Portland, Seattle, and L.A. have spent the most to do something and have made everything worse.

The smoke signals don’t lie.

The mostly drug-addicted, out-of-control fentanyl and other hard-drug users are amassing in states that have decriminalized the so-called “personal use” of the drugs in the bizarre hope that maybe if they take drugs without arrest then they’ll take drugs and seek help. But only one percent of Oregon’s state-sanctioned drug takers have called the Measure 110 hotline-to-end-all-hotlines to get help, and that’s only to get out of the fine from their parking-ticket-like offense.

In the meantime, the law-abiding are stuck with the often obvious side effects. Over the past few years, the deemphasis on cops and decriminalizing of quality-of-life crimes — from drugs to violent crime — have made things more dangerous on the West Coast, Messed Coast™, not safer. Where there are fewer rules, there is more crime.


Look in the sky! It’s a sign.

Flame Throwing in Seattle

There’s an interesting back story about this massive fire on Seattle’s working waterfront early Wednesday morning. At least 30 and possibly as many as 50 boats were incinerated by an arsonist.

Fire investigators found the suspect hiding inside a boat near the inferno. The arrested man lived at or frequented a nearby homeless encampment. He has a bit of a rap sheet.

The man who was in court on Friday wasn’t identified by the mainstream news media until his court date. He was identified by independent media before his hearing. The people at the disgusting and notorious homeless camp reportedly knew the suspect who, for the time being anyway, is in jail.

Stunned Governor: ‘There’s Gambling at Rick’s?

The back story gets more interesting.

Parents had been begging Seattle and state officials — including Gov. Jay Inslee — to get rid of the fentanyl flat because it was near their kids’ school.

After ignoring the homeless issue for fear of receiving well-placed blame, Inslee made news when he visited the camp — but only after the story made Fox News. Inslee called the camp “a scourge on our state” as if this were a new issue.


“The camp has been here for years,” the reporter notes.

Inslee blamed everything but his inaction for this festering sore on the butt of Seattle.

Besides the lost boats, lost jobs, lost productivity, lost business, lost belongings, and a destroyed ship company, the cost of putting out the fire and investigating it will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Companies are demanding more Seattle Harbor Police coverage after the force was reduced because police are racist or something.

The police union put its finger on the problem.

Eugene Wasserman with North Seattle Industrial Association told KOMO News that they desperately need more cops on the Seattle Harbor Patrol. “When you are minus 300-400 police officers, you have to justify putting them on a boat versus other emergency police activity.”

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CHAZ Fire Setters

As if the fire issue couldn’t get more bizarre, we now learn that the Seattle fire chief was in on the takeover of the CHAZ/CHOP zone. That is what The Post Millennial reports, citing evidence in a related court filing. In the case, rank-and-file firefighters discovered that Fire Chief Harold Scoggins coordinated with the leaders of CHAZ/CHOP to block firefighters from getting into the seven-block area. Text messages between “Warlord” Raz Simone and the fire chief showed that the two coordinated. Whether Scoggins was trying to play good cop to the bad guys isn’t known because he took his phone to an Apple Store that hadn’t been burned down yet and had his phone reset to factory settings.

Firefighters are questioning Scoggins’ fitness to stay in office — especially since at least two were murdered at the so-called “autonomous zone.”

See my post about this nearby.

You’ll recall that the BLM and Antifa rioters at CHAZ/CHOP tried to trap police inside the East Precinct in Seattle and set it on fire.

One of the men charged with that arson is now running for Seattle City Council.

Isaiah Willoughby told KTTH talk host Jason Rantz, “I am committed to educating the youth to lead and to serve the community, enlightening the minds, developing the region, touching the heart, and aspiring the soul.” He said he’s starting a new “multiculturalism democracy because, in our legislative branch, there’s no representation of my ethnic diversity.”

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He should just call it the Arson Party. That ought to cover it.

Fires, Fires, Everywhere Along the West Coast, Messed Coast™


These aren’t “the homeless.” They’re drug-addicted folks who buy drugs with their rent money. Some people can and do get help. but most prefer the streets they don’t have to follow the rules.

From Seattle to Portland, Ore., where 41% of the fires responded to by firefighters are “homeless encampment fires.”

People are stopped from getting to work.

Nearly 2,000 fires are blamed on homeless camps in Portland.

San Francisco has seen its fair share of homeless disasters.

Stockton, Calif.:

Ventura, Calif.:

Pomona, Calif.:


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Malibu, Calif.:

Los Angeles:

And the answer by the governors of Oregon, Washington, and California is to spend billions on their coordinated expansion of the Homeless Industrial Complex to “house” the homeless.

Both Inslee and Oregon’s governor, the unfortunately named Tina Kotek, propose to go the way of California — naturally — and increase by billions the spending to hide the drug addicts instead of requiring them to get off the streets or get out of town. The states work in concert with each other, which means that Gavin Newsom runs the West Coast, Messed Coast™, and taxpayers elsewhere are not represented.

They all propose to erect an entirely new government program to “cut the red tape.”


Instead of enforcing the law, which they could do even under the disastrous Boise decision, these charlatans think nothing of appropriating more from strapped taxpayers to fund their feel-good government charity project.

The fires don’t lie. Rewarding the behavior only makes things worse for everyone.

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