Portland's Antifa 'Justice' Strikes Again

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A Portland “anti-fascist” activist has been found not guilty of being a fascist by roughing up a journalist and stealing his phone because he didn’t like what the reporter said about his Antifa friends. After the Portland judge let off the notorious Portland Antifa attacker, he delivered a lecture to the victim, reporter Andy Ngo.


There’s your justice, Portland.

Ngo sought justice in court for three-and-a-half years against John Hacker, one of a mob of activists that has made a point to follow, chase, hassle, and attack Ngo multiple times.

The Post Millennial reported that Hacker confronted Ngo in a Portland area 24 Hour Fitness where he assaulted the reporter, poured water on him, and stole his phone. Ngo captured part of John Hacker’s attack on video.

“The shaky video is less than 30 seconds long, but prosecutors say it’s a key piece of evidence showing Hacker approaching Ngo, grabbing the device, and yelling, “I will break your f*cking phone,” the news website reported.

The Deputy District Attorney argued before the judge that Hacker had conducted a “harassment campaign targeting Ngo for years.”

Indeed, Hacker was part of a mob that chased Ngo in downtown Portland, forcing the journalist to seek a hiding place at a posh hotel.


In another incident, Antifa thugs poured a cement-like mixture all over Ngo’s face after beating him, sending the journalist to the hospital with a brain injury.

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Hacker testified that he went after Ngo and stole his phone because Ngo doxxed his Antifa friends. Then Hacker testified that he doxxes the right people, “violent people” and “Nazis.”

As Ngo pointed out on Twitter, his attacker admitted “to dumping liquid on me, confronting me, hitting me, stealing my phone & fleeing.”

But the judge wasn’t moved by this attack on Ngo or persuaded by Antifa’s dogged stalking of the journalist. Rather, Judge Eric Dahlin lectured both men as if Ngo were the guilty party or had asked to be attacked and have his phone stolen by Hacker. Dahlin told them, “if anyone is interested in actually making positive changes to society, I would ask that you all examine your own methods, and ask yourselves, are these methods that I’m using helpful? Is it actually making a positive impact?”


I wonder if this judge asks all assault victims if they “should examine [their] methods”?

Ngo, who suffers from stress from all of Antifa’s attacks on him over the years, was asked by the DDA “if he was nervous to be in the courtroom.” Ngo responded, “Yes, because I’m in the presence of Mr. Hacker.” Undoubtedly Hacker’s “friends” were in the courtroom and ready to follow Ngo. You can count on it.

Hacker and his friends have been hounding the journalist for years. Ngo writes about Antifa activities in Portland, often using police mug shots that upset the hardened bunch in Antifa. After Antifa attacked another Portland journalist, who pulled his legal gun to back them off without firing a shot and went to jail for it, Ngo is one of only a few who still report on these thugs.

I talked with Hacker for my Adult in the Room Podcast before I knew he was Ngo’s attacker. It’s fascinating listening, if for no other reason than to hear a fascist explain how his motives are as pure as the driven snow.

Ngo’s attacker, Hacker, is third from the right in the third row.


He’s among many notorious Antifa who have been arrested by Portland Police and then set free.

Hacker apologized, sort of, in court, telling the judge, “It was an impulsive decision I wish I didn’t do.”

Listen to my interview with him. He’s not sorry.

Ngo is suing Hacker in civil court.


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