Behold the Democrats' Closing Argument for the 2022 Midterm Election

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Election Day is just days away on Nov. 8, 2022. Voters in some states have already cast their ballots. Others will not rely on COVID-era mail-in ballots and instead walk their vote into the election offices themselves.


The nation’s Democrat leaders believe you should vote them into power for another term at the midterm election. And like every election year, Democrats have a closing argument to motivate you to vote for them.

Here is the Democrat Party’s Closing Argument for 2022:
  • Americans’ net worth has been reduced by $75,000 since Joe Biden took office, according to the Heritage Foundation.
  • Inflation is rampant from overspending and is destroying savings and retirement accounts, which are down by 20% from when Joe Biden took office.
  • Inflation has destroyed 25% of the average 401K plan in 2022 alone.
  • The U.S. has only a 25-day supply of diesel fuel.
  • Gas prices are the highest in American history.
  • Heating oil has shot up by 40%-plus in the last few weeks and is in short supply going into winter.
  • Joe Biden reduced the U.S. fuel supply, ending American dominance, and begs for oil from despots.
  • Democrats turn off reliable sources of energy and pour money into sun and wind power, which depend on the weather.
  • There’s still a baby formula shortage.
  • The U.S. military is assessed as “weak” for the first time in the history of the Heritage Foundation index of military strength.
  • The Afghanistan bug-out is the biggest and most embarrassing self-inflicted military disaster in U.S. history.
  • Forced shots hollowed out the ranks of the military, police, and medical professionals — so-called first responders who went from heroes during 9/11 and COVID to zeros when they disagreed with the regime.
  • Wokism has decimated the number of new recruits to the military.

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  • People praying outside abortion clinics are arrested by Joe Biden’s DOJ, but fire bombers of pro-life clinics are not.
  • More black men have been killed in the last year on the lawless, woke streets of America’s Democrat-run cities than all black men killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
  • Lawless American cities preside over more people dying each year from drugs than were killed in the entire Vietnam War due to open borders.
  • Democrats surrendered America’s borders to drug cartels.
  • As police have been defunded and bad actors have been let out of prison, murder and crime rates have doubled in America’s Democrat-run cities.
  • Joe Biden can speak into existence a program to forgive student loans while “leaders” remain silent at its unconstitutionality.
  • Democrats believe there’s nothing democratic about a Supreme Court that sends an unconstitutional decision back to the people to decide.
  • Democrats believe that abortion should be allowed through the ninth month of pregnancy.
  • Judges deny a former president due process because they don’t like him.
  • A judge allows the unprecedented FBI raid on a former president for doing what every other president has done. Those who complain are called insurrectionists or Nazis.
  • The leader of the Democrats labels the notion of making America great again as “fascistic” and racist.
  • People who don’t agree with the current president are censored on social media at the behest of the Democrat’s FBI, “misinformation” czars, and DOJ.
  • Democrats cause psychological harm to children and climate supplicants alike when they knowingly lie about the world coming to an end in X years.
  • Democrats believe people control the weather.
  • Democrats have done nothing to China for unleashing the COVID-19 virus on the United States and the world.
  • Democrats endorse sexualizing children in the classroom in the name of “equity.” Those who complain are arrested, vilified, boycotted, and/or censored.
  • Children are failing in school after politicians and unions forced school closures.
  • Democrats believe years of riots, arsons, looting, intimidation, and attacks on police are nothing compared to two hours of jackasses sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair and pushing cops at the Capitol.
  • Democrats support lawsuits against cops for trying to stop riots while simultaneously supporting a veteran being shot to death by police at the Capitol protest.
  • Democrats have used a willing FBI to frame political opponents for wrongdoing.
  • Democrats have lied to courts to get warrants to spy on a political opponent running for office.
  • Democrats used COVID as an emergency excuse to rewrite election laws to give their party an advantage.
  • Democrats helped big corporations buy access to and assert control over elections offices in the last presidential election to turn out their voter base.

If you want more of this, vote Democrat.


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