Investigation: The Biden Administration Is Crawling With Conspiracy Theorists

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Joe Biden’s administration is crawling with conspiracy theorists who are tainted and beguiled by what may be a wilder and nuttier theory than all those wild Q-Anon stories. And new filings in the John Durham investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion hoax indicate that those Biden administration conspiracy theorists could drag the president into the investigation.


Paul Sperry at RealClearInvestigations (RCI) was the first to match Durham’s recent legal filings with the Russian collusion hoaxers working in the Biden administration.

Some of those in powerful positions in the Biden administration, such as Jake Sullivan, peddled the fake conspiracy theory that Donald Trump was a Russian secret agent. Sullivan is Biden’s national security adviser but in 2016 was Hillary Clinton’s right hand. He personally pushed the fake Trump-Russia conspiracy theory to the media and allegedly conspired with a former FBI analyst-turned narrative creator for The Democracy Integrity Project Daniel Jones to push the conspiracy theory hoax to a wider audience.

Jones’s T-DIP, as it’s called, also hired another now Biden administration official, Dafna Rand, to push the faked Trump ties to the Russian Alfa Bank. That conspiracy theory was debunked, but that hasn’t stopped her ascent into power. Rand is now the director of the Office of Foreign Assistance in the Biden administration.

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Former Russia collusion investigator and federal prosecutor Kash Patel told Real Clear Politics that Sullivan had “the gall to come into Congress — I took so many of those depositions — and say he had no idea how the [Clinton-funded Steele] dossier was created, or who the $10 million [that] Jake Sullivan and the DNC were paying was being utilized [by] to collect fraudulent information [on Trump and his advisers]…”


Durham’s trial of Hillary Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussmann, though unsuccessful at convincing a jury to find him guilty of lying to the FBI, uncovered how the Clinton campaign made up and disseminated the hoax. The conspiracy theory hoax triggered investigations into innocent Trump campaign underlings, illegal spying, and lying to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain warrants based on faked evidence.

Patel believes that Durham is looking into Sullivan’s role in pushing the conspiracy theory that tried to bring down candidate, and later president, Trump.

Top Pentagon lawyer and Clinton supporter Caroline Krass pushed the conspiracy theory even though she was aware that there was no basis for it, according to RCI.

Krass, 54 – whom Biden appointed as general counsel of the Defense Department early last year – is the former top CIA lawyer cited by Durham as “General Counsel of Agency-2” in his indictment of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.


“The greatest concern with the role of Krass is her ‘interest’ [in Sussmann’s tip] despite the lack of foundational support [for it],” George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley told RCI. “As with the FBI, the Clinton campaign found eager [Obama] officials to move on any such allegation [against Trump].”

Her role in the Obama administration also cleared the path for administration officials to spy without warrants on Americans, according to RCI.


The departing president’s executive order relaxing rules for mining the NSA’s highly classified databases went into effect less than three weeks before Trump took office. At the same time, the White House rushed to preserve all intelligence related to Trump and Russia and disseminate it across U.S. agencies.

The order, known as “12 Triple 3,” allowed the FBI for the first time to sift through large troves of incidental communications – including phone calls and emails – involving U.S. citizens, without NSA filtering or even wiretap warrants. In effect, agents could put advisers and appointees of Trump, along with their family members and friends, under warrantless surveillance.

Krass is now the General Counsel of the Department of Defense.

Anyone who would use her office to peddle conspiracy theories calculated to help her favored presidential candidate is a dangerous person to have in the highest legal post at the Defense Department. That person is poison.

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Speaking of poison, duplicitous former FBI investigator Peter Strzok’s spurned wife still works for the Biden Administration’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “Melissa Hodgman: At the Biden SEC, Peter Strzok’s wife is helping oversee an investigation into Trump’s social media start-up, Truth Social,” reports RCI, so we’re sure that investigation will be totally on the up-and-up.


RCI also reports the former Clinton loyalist Gary Gensler, who is now the current chair of the SEC, promulgated the Russian collusion conspiracy theory in order to smear Trump. He’s overseeing Strzok’s wife in the Trump Truth Social investigation.

Perhaps, at some point, reporters may ask Biden why he employs people who pushed one of the most corrosive, wildest — and wrong — conspiracy theories in the nation’s history.

We won’t hold our breath, though.


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