You'd Think Ten Guns Fired Themselves and Injured 10 People in One Day in Portland

AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, FIle

Portland (Antifastan) police report that ten guns shot ten people over a 24-hour period of time starting Friday night, Memorial Day weekend. No guns have been arrested.


Let’s go over the weekend incidents in which guns fired themselves into ten victims during ten incidents.

  • 05/27/2022, 2:57 a.m. A physical confrontation between a group of people resulted in a gun firing itself. Two people were shot. The gun is still on the run.
  • 05/27/2022, 3:49 a.m. A gun fired itself when a resident confronted individuals breaking into a vehicle. Several shots were fired at the resident. The gun has not been arrested.
  • 05/27/2022, 5:57 a.m. An employee retrieving a scrap metal dumpster discovered a gun inside being held by a man, and a disturbance resulted in the gun firing itself. The gun is still on the lam.
  • 05/27/2022 6:03 a.m. A man was found shot to death in a house by a gun that fired itself. No gun has yet been arrested for the crime.
  • 05/27/2022, 12:25 p.m. A disturbance led to a gun firing shots. The gun got away.
  • 05/27/2022, 5:45 p.m. A gun fired itself and sent a stray bullet into the body of a woman exiting a tent at a homeless camp. Police haven’t yet located and arrested the gun.
  • 05/27/2022, 6:04 p.m. A gun fired several shots. A victim walked him/herself to a hospital and was treated and released. The gun has not been arrested.
  • 05/27/2022, 10:49 p.m. A gun fired itself and hit a person during a robbery. The gun has not been taken into custody.
  • 05/28/2022, 12:20 a.m. A gun fired at another gun more than 20 times on the street. A woman sleeping in a nearby home was awakened when she was struck by a bullet. She was not seriously hurt by the gunshot. The gun remains at large.
  • 05/28/2022 1:06 a.m. A gun fired itself and seriously injured two people. The gun has not been arrested.

Okay, you’ve probably figured out that the bit about the guns firing themselves is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but that list of shootings is very real, and blaming the guns themselves is de rigueur on the Left, so you get the idea.

Portland is one of the wokest cities around. The woke city leaders dismantled the police gun team and the riot squad — actually, all those guys just up and quit — and defunded the overall department, which resulted in a flood of cops leaving. The result has been an explosion in crime. Now, the mayor, a talentless tool who is the police commissioner and oversaw this dismantling at the request of Antifa and their BLM buddies, is attempting to backfill the cop shop.

We’re reliably told by the Left that guns are the problem and not the people who shoot them. Joe Biden announced over the weekend while visiting Uvalde, Texas that no one should have 9mm ammo; that they should be happy with .22 caliber ammo in their handgun.

In what is likely another “Oh, that’s just Joe” story in the Biden Apocrypha, the president told the story of talking to a doctor “20 to 25 years” ago who said “a .22-caliber bullet will lodge in the lung, and we can probably get it out, may be able to get it, and save the life. A 9mm bullet blows the lung out of the body.”

Hey, you guys at the range — yeah you — stop laughing.


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For context, a .22 caliber bullet is the ammo preferred by assassins because it’s a subsonic round and won’t be heard by the neighbors, but don’t let that get in the way of another Joe Biden stumbling stemwinder.

The Uvalde mass murder was committed by a drop-out mental case who managed to buy expensive guns and ammo with a burger-flipping job then strolled onto school grounds, whereupon the gun began shooting itself while helpless, undefended children were targeted in the crosshairs. The gun’s first victim was the murderer’s grandmother, when she threatened to take away his cellphone.

Joe has nothing to say about the hundreds killed by all kinds of guns firing themselves in Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis, and Portland.

Very strange.


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