Sussmann Trial Week 2: It Was Hillary, In the Back Room, With the Chardonnay Bottle

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We’re back for week two of special counsel John Durham’s prosecution of Michael Sussmann for lying to the FBI. Week one’s revelations included the fact that Hillary Clinton officially gave the green light to the disinformation attack on Donald Trump and his “connection” to Russia, according to her former campaign manager, Robby Mook. Our suspicion was finally confirmed in this scandalous game of Clue that cost the American taxpayers $40 million, wasted the time of 40 FBI agents, dragged Americans before federal agents to explain themselves, and involved untold hours of spying on U.S. citizens. And that was just special counsel Bob Mueller’s part in it.


In this game of Clue, it was Hillary, in the back room, with the chardonnay bottle.

Donald Trump’s campaign, his reputation, and his Administration lay in a bloody heap on the floor as the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, and all of her minions laughed while dragging the country through this farce. The institutions of the DOJ, FBI, and CIA and a special counsel appointment were put in the service of Hillary Clinton, undermining their reputations just to look good for the boss. Absolute treachery.

Sussmann is accused of lying about working on behalf of his clients, Hillary Clinton and the DNC, when he went to the FBI with what he knew was disinformation — oppo research — to get the law enforcement agency to investigate Trump. And how could they not? She was going to be president — their boss.

Here are some of the other things we learned in last week’s testimony, in what is expected to be a two-week trial.

  • The jury is full of Left-leaning D.C. residents who gave money to Hillary and AOC.
  • Mook’s testimony opened the door to using supporting evidence showing the disinformation feedback loop used to peddle the story — something the Durham team was forbidden to do by Obama-appointed Judge Casey Cooper.
  • The FBI cyber expert thought the “research” tying the Trump organization to Russia’s Alfa Bank was fake.
  • Durham is giving the FBI cover by presenting a case that makes the agency look as though they were duped.
  • FBI General Counsel James Baker was “100% confident” Sussmann lied to him about serving a client when he brought the disinformation.
  • Two CIA agents testified that Sussmann tried to peddle the disinformation to that agency. One was told it was for a client, which is important to Sussmann’s case, while the other said the disinformation looked partisan and that Sussmann never mentioned passing it to the CIA for a “client.”
  • The New York Times checked Hillary’s Alfa Bank story and found it wanting, not that this stopped them from going all-in on the fake Trump-Russia scandal. Times reporter Eric Lichtblau will testify this week, although the scope of the questions has to be sorted out.

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We also learned that this sudden spasm of truth-telling occurred not because Americans need to hear these people tell the truth, nor because it helps the country to heal. No, they told the truth because on balance it helps their friend, Sussmann.

All of this pre-meditated drama to help a woman who really colluded with Russians, Hillary, defeat Donald Trump, because … mean tweets or something.


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