Watch: L.A.'s Transit System Is a Criminal Cesspool

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There’s a reason why the Los Angeles Metro Transit poohbahs don’t want you to see this bloody and brutal video of crimes on trains, buses, and platforms (below). It’s because the woke bunch running the place doesn’t like armed cops and they don’t want them on their buses, trains, platforms, and stops even if it stops the blood and brutality.


The crime on the Metro system is the number-one issue with riders who depend on it, and that issue sits at the center of a big political fight. L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva wants his department to have full control over crime-fighting in the transit system.

Metro contracts with several agencies to keep things safe, but the LAPD, Long Beach PD, L.A. Sheriff, and private security must only enforce the rules established by the Board of Directors’ code of conduct, according to KFI Radio News’s Steve Gregory. That board is made up of the same woke people who run the city of L.A., the County Board of Supervisors — in other words, the same people who have managed to make L.A. a much more dangerous place to live and work in the first place.

In a news release, the Sheriff’s Department said Metro is doing a horrible job of keeping people safe because “the various law enforcement agencies covering the railways and bus routes does [sic] not provide adequate coverage due to jurisdictional issues and the stifling of enforcement placed upon peace officers by Metro Board regulations” [emphasis added].


The crimes are adjudicated by Metros’s own court system, which allows repeat offenders at least five tickets before a criminal can be kicked off. Violent crimes, such as those in the video, are sent to the woke district attorney, George Gascon, who’s currently the subject of a recall because of his criminals-first attitude.

It’s a mess.

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The Los Angeles Metro Transit system asked 2,000 of its train and bus riders what they could do to improve the feeling of safety while riding. There was a three-way tie for the top answer to the open-ended question, according to Steve Gregory of KFI News. The top three answers, comprising 36% of the responses, were security, more visible cops, and more police on buses, trains, and stops.

You might be sensing a pattern here.

But Gregory reports that toward the end of the survey in which 36% of the 2,000 respondents, including 100 homeless people sought out by transit officials, wanted more cops on the trains, buses, and platforms, Metro introduces the word “ambassador,” which they then mention in several of the latter options of the survey. By the end of the 136-page survey, the respondents support having “ambassadors” on the trains, buses, and platforms. In other words, the questionnaire was an outcome-based push poll to arrive at the politically correct response of not having armed cops riding the transit system.


Come to think of it, after considering the political chicanery involved in this issue, maybe the place with the biggest cesspool is the Metro Board.


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