West Coast, Messed Coast™ Update: Newsom's Collapse on School Vaxx Mandates

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It’s the triumphant return of the West Coast, Messed Coast™ Update after being “on assignment,” drinking wine in an undisclosed location. Hint: few people are wearing masks in the UK or France, and vaxx passports are a thing of the past. But here on the West Coast, Messed Coast™, California’s Governor Hair Gel has just now been forced to put off his school COVID-19 vaccine mandates.


Oh, sure, many children’s families got the jab already, but the Republican minority pressured Democrats to kill a bill requiring student vaccines and demanded the governor stop this outrageous edict, which was set to go into effect this summer. Newsom put his emergency decree on the back burner for a year “pending full approval by the Food and Drug Administration of a COVID-19 vaccine for children under 16 years old,” according to ABC News.

The navel-gazing and micromanaging by this assortment of labor organizers, teacher’s union toadies, and lawyers should be cut off by making the legislature part-time. Even so, the California legislature, as well as those of Oregon and Washington, were virtual no-shows over the past two years, allowing the governors to issue edicts under the cover of COVID. Legislatures should be a check on the governor’s power, not a rubber stamp.

Speaking of navel-gazing micromanagers, the California legislature is moving a bill through committee to put the state on a four-day workweek. One of the sponsors, Assemblyman Evan Low, a Duhmocrat,  said it’s all about “reimagining” the workforce. “As we come out of the COVID pandemic, I am excited about how we reimagine our workforce while uplifting the voices of workers to get back in the job market in response to the Great Resignation,” he proclaimed.


It would also reduce productivity and prompt larger companies covered by the bill to leave in even greater numbers. But, on the plus side, changing the economic metrics would help obscure the Democrat supermajority’s horrible handling of the Golden State’s finances lo these many years. Win-win for Democrats!

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Fire season has come early on the West Coast, Messed Coast™.  This is a frequent scene in California, where the smoke-your-rent-live-in-a-tent crowd often has outdoor cookouts, sparking wildfires.

In Seattle, this drugged-out man wouldn’t even help put out the car fire that he started (graphic image).

Portland activists are trying to stamp out the use of “challenge coins” by law enforcement that commemorate surviving the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots of 2020 and 2021. The local newspaper of the homeless, Street Roots, appears to be scandalized by the coins, which are traditional in the police and military communities.

Street Roots reports the coins, which are traded on a Facebook page that has been “infiltrated by a group of local activists,” depict the burning of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland.


The coin in question is emblazoned with an illustration of the Justice Center engulfed in flames on one side, encircled by the phrases “this we’ll defend,” and “remember the Alamo.”

On the reverse side, the coin includes an insignia of an eagle over an American flag with a lightning bolt reading “CERT,” a reference to the Corrections Emergency Response Team which engaged in crowd control during the 2020 racial justice protests at the Justice Center. Around the eagle insignia are the words “Multnomah County Sheriff,” and a Latin phrase translating to “always ready.” The center image is surrounded by the abbreviation for the Multnomah County Detention Center and the date May 29, 2020 — the day protesters broke into the Justice Center and set several fires in an office.

The coins are under investigation.

I have some cool challenge coins given to me by members of the military and police.

I’d love two of these bad boys, thanks.

Until next time, don’t let the kooks get you down. And have a blessed Easter. He Is Risen!


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