BLM Founder Now Wants to 'Heal' in Peace in Her Multi-Million-Dollar Home – After Setting the Country on Fire

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The co-founder of Black Lives Matter says she was so distraught during her group and Antifa’s reign of terror on the United States that she was afraid she was going to die — by her own hand or at the hands of a “crazy white supremacist.” She would like your pity, please.


In a profile in the Los Angeles Times, a tearful Patrisse Cullors revealed she was at her lowest in April 2021m “when news outlets reported that Cullors had been on a personal ‘million-dollar real estate buying binge.'” The criticism of her expensive buying habits didn’t sit well with people whose loved ones killed by police were used for BLM fundraising. She was heavily criticized in the media as well.

BLM support has dropped like a hot rock, not just because of the group’s shakedowns on corporate America and flagrant spending, but also because of its destructive message.

While there were some successful attempts at peaceful protests, Black Lives Matter, which sprung up after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, and the group’s Antifa wingmen encouraged and participated in riots around the country. Since Ferguson in 2014, BLM’s attention to police brutality left people uninformed and mistrustful, while their stores, police stations, and black-owned businesses were torched. Crime spiked.

Police brutality is a worthy and important issue, but BLM more than shaded the truth about the police “victims” they propped up. The group’s message was that if someone was killed in an encounter with a police officer, he was innocent and the police were guilty. Trayvon Martin, for example, was not the victim of police. The teen stalked and jumped neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman. He had Zimmerman on the ground, banging his head against the pavement. Zimmerman managed to get his gun loose and shot Martin, thus saving himself. BLM never wanted you to know that.


George Floyd, whose death sparked months of rioting, had taken so much fentanyl and meth that he died as Officer Derek Chauvin held him down on the shoulder, back, and neck with a knee. That hold could have been survivable for other suspects who had resisted arrest. It was horrific, but Floyd’s actions complicit in his death were never mentioned. Certainly never by BLM. The officer involved is in prison.

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In Portland, Ore., BLM often trots out the case of a gang banger who only minutes before had shot two people when the cops rolled up. When he wouldn’t drop his weapon after orders to do so, he was shot dead. The shooter of two black men is a hero to BLM because the cops shot him. He’s honored to this day.

The Marxist group’s message, which called for the destruction of the nuclear family, has been a disaster. The group sprung the expansion of divisive and racist Critical Race Theory throughout the school systems, segregation in colleges, safe spaces, and calls for separate but equal facilities on college campuses, of all places. Under Black Lives Matter and its stepchildren, America is closer than ever to Jim Crow — once again designed by Democrats.

More lives were lost in the BLM riots, looting, and firebombing throughout the country than the people killed by police that the group fundraised on. Indeed, so poisonous was BLM’s message — that cops were seeking to murder black men — that police officers became victims at the hands of BLM supporters. Police officers were murdered across the country, most notoriously in Dallas, St. Louis, and New York City.


Cullors says she quit the group after the criticism of her spending habits and retreated to her manse, broken and in mental anguish.

She’s not sorry for what she spawned; she’s upset that she was “abandoned.” She asked, “when the larger construct that you invested in abandons you, where do you go? I think that’s what I’m really trying to figure out right now.” She told the Times that she’s just trying to “heal what happened while also making sense of it.”

The Times reports that BLM donations poured in after Floyd’s death and the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery by citizens in Georgia. Her co-founders left to start other organizations, but “Cullors stayed on, determined to build out the Black Lives Matter Global Network infrastructure to meet the moment, to corral a loose network of organizations under one umbrella.”

Hiring the Leftist Tides Center was a turning point in fundraising. She named herself executive director and money poured in. “[S]he created two arms of the organization, the Black Lives Matter Political Action Committee to engage in politics and BLM Grassroots to oversee the organization’s chapters,” reports the Times.  Her moves caused a backlash at the grassroots level.

And just four months after the backlash, she bought multiple homes–she spent “an estimated $3.2 million on four properties, three in the Los Angeles area and one outside of Atlanta.”


She says she used no BLM money to buy the homes but relied on her lucrative contracts with social media and other companies that came her way due to her BLM work.

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The mother of Richard Risher, who was killed by police in a justifiable shooting, lashed out, “Black lives don’t matter. Your pockets matter,” Lisa Simpson told her. “Y’all come into our lives and act like y’all got our back and y’all want to say ‘Black Lives Matter,’” she said. “But after we bury our children, we don’t see B, L or M, but y’all out here buying properties,” she was quoted in the Times.

The BLM co-founder was so “objectified” by the criticism that after she left the organization she sought psychiatric help to deal with her anger and PTSD. She wasn’t yet ready for being a black woman in leadership and the fallout from the “level of vitriol we receive … from black folks and non-black people.”

When asked about her spending habits while supporting poor victims, the avowed Marxist told the Times, “I identify with Marxism. … Marxism is one really important framework for how I understand the kind of world I want to live in. But I am still developing what my philosophy is around a socioeconomic structure. …  Is that Marxism? I know it’s not capitalism.”

She’d like you to please buy her book.


She peddled the lies, cheered the destruction, got hers, and now wants your pity.

Destruction is exhausting and mentally challenging.


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