Hello, 911? Brand New NYC Mayor's Crime-Fighting Skills Come in Handy His First Hour on the Job

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Well, it didn’t take long for newly minted New York City Mayor and former cop Eric Adams to figure out what his top priority is: crime fighting and being his constituents’ punching bag.


NYC headed back to the bad old days during the disastrous Bill de Blasio administration.

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, New Yorkers got a chance to turn the page on their beloved city.

Hours after taking his oath of office, Adams headed to work his first full full day on the job. As he stood with his security team, an observer took video of the NYC mayor watching three men punching each other in a brawl. Adams called 911 to get the uniforms out there to stop it.

“The new mayor called 911 to report ‘an assault in progress,'” reported NBC News New York.

Whereas Bill de Blasio would have sat in the comfort of his chauffeur-driven limo, Adams got into his subway train car and was promptly heckled by a mentally ill homeless guy. Adams said he wanted mental health crews on the subway trains more often.

The new NYC mayor was hit up by an Amazon warehouse worker, who implored him to unionize the company. Amazon is the favorite hobby horse issue for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has tried to keep the company from operating in the city because she doesn’t like jobs. Good luck with that, Mr. Mayor.

The new mayor then visited a wounded cop who’d been shot on New Year’s Day. Adams tweeted, “We are happy but angry today. Happy to report that our officer injured last night is recovering and in good spirits.Angry that someone brought in the New Year with violence. We’ll find the gun AND the shooter. We’ll bring anyone who thinks they can attack our city to justice.”


New York cops have had to work extra shifts because of $1 billion in defunding` and COVID mandates.

The officer who was shot was sleeping in his car between shifts.

“The officer woke up around 6:15 a.m. with pain in his head and observed his car window had been shattered,” ABC 7 New York reported. “He then walked into the 25th Precinct where other officers saw he was bleeding from an injury to his head,” they reported, but things got weirder. Thanks to a “miraculously deflected bullet” the officer didn’t die.

But as Bonchie, our colleague at Red State, points out, Adams hasn’t carved out a new COVID policy to reinvigorate the city. Indeed, he reports, “guess what Adams pledged to keep in place once the votes were counted? That would be de Blasio’s completely ineffective, business-crushing vaccine mandate.”

Dean Wormer put his finger on it when he advised Flounder, “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Sure, Adams isn’t fat and he wasn’t drunk, but the stupid part is foreordained if he follows the failed de Blasio path.

The former Brooklyn Burrough president will have to entice New Yorkers who fled to red states to come back to the city, end the useless COVID mandates, end the requirement to show East German traveling papers to go to restaurants and gyms, stop conscripting businesses into the COVID Stasi, and show people that shooting at cops will have consequences.


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Oh, and the cops who came to break up that brawl? They got there after it was over and didn’t investigate enough. ABC 7 New York reported that “the fight ended and two of the men left by the time two police patrol cars arrived. Officers spoke to the remaining man but stayed in their car, and Adams told reporters he would have investigated more had he been the officer on the scene.” Ouch.

Sounds like he’s got a bigger job to do than even he knows.

Good luck.


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