It Starts: Dem Leader Gives Biden a Pass on Disastrous Illegal Alien Policies Because of How He Identifies

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Joe Biden has proven himself to be a one-man wrecking crew. He’s destroyed our allies’ goodwill and eroded the NATO alliance, while droning innocent Afghans and leaving  Americans and green card holders behind Taliban enemy lines in Afghanistan.


Girls and boys are being taken as “brides” and “chai boys,” and corpses are hanging from cranes in the public square again.

The Taliban flag flies again because Joe Biden chose to capitulate to the enemy and throw away American sacrifice.

But wait, it gets worse.

The U.S. southern border barely exists, as mostly men of fighting age pour over by the thousands and are given a ticket to somewhere else, no Covid test, and money — if they’re intercepted at all. While Americans are told to get a Covid shot and show their papers, women who only say they’re pregnant get a free pass to move freely about the country. If they really are pregnant, they’re invited to give birth to their anchor baby and start the multi-generational chain migration money suck.

He’s blamed a swath of Americans for the Chinese Covid pandemic with his customary red-faced, unglued prattle.

This is a man-made humanitarian disaster of the worst kind, but it has all been by choice. Joe Biden let this happen on purpose. Somehow the Democrats plan to make political hay from these decisions that hollow out America, dilute Americans’ votes, and create an even bigger welfare state.

Their ploy uses Other People’s Money to  play Santa Claus to all the new illegal aliens in order to arrogate power to their party and keep Americans on the plantation working to pay for this generational theft.

Leftists in the The Party and media, but I repeat myself, are here to smooth things over for Joe in case people figure out the game.


Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal telegraphed the ploy on CNN over the weekend, and it’s a doozy. She’s the chair of the so-called “Progressive Caucus,” whose goal is to change everything about the country that has been the beacon of freedom and liberty in the world.

Jayapal met with Biden in the Oval Office recently and “shed tears” with him over the need to grant citizenship to all these future voters. She urged Joe Biden to spend trillions of dollars to remake America into the Left’s image with the infrastructure spending.

Talking about her own immigration journey, when her parents allegedly sent their 16-year-old girl to the U.S. alone without any connections, or a place to stay, or money, she grew misty eyed.

Joe is so sincere about this disaster, she assured Tapper. So sympathetic.  He cried in the Oval Office about how much he cared for the unidentified refugees or terrorists he’s flown in and the mass of humanity he’s let come over the southern border.

It was a lovely moment.

The president also sheds tears when he tells stories and one of the beautiful things about him is the compassion. And I feel that we shared that moment, because I know from talking to him before that he also identifies with the immigrant experience of his ancestors, you know his, the previous generation. So it was wonderful.


Joe Biden identifies as an immigrant so you can not, may not, question anything he says or does on this issue. Ever.

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His “previous generation” came from somewhere else and so Joe is bulletproof on the issue of unmitigated, unregulated immigration.

For the record, Joe’s “previous generation,” presumably his parents or grandparents, were all born in the United States of America, as was he.

You have to get to his great-great grandparents before you find any emigres from Ireland.

Since this is now the test in order to speak out on immigration issues, I and many millions of Americans also “identify with the immigrant experience.” And most of us think Joe Biden has lost his mind on this issue and in general.

While we’re at it, I identify as vaccinated and a millionaire. Make it happen, Joe.

If destroying America was your aim, Joe Biden, consider this your Mission Accomplished moment.


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