'Where Is Your God Now?' Portland Cops Do NOTHING as Antifa Attacks Prayer Event Led by Persecuted Christian Pastor

Screenshot from video.

If you wondered what it looked like when Nazi brown shirts went after the churches in Germany, wonder no more: It probably looked like Portland on Saturday, when black bloc-outfitted antifa thugs burst into a waterfront prayer event featuring persecuted Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski. The antifa members sprayed those gathered, including toddlers, with chemicals and lobbed IEDs.


“Where is your God, now?” taunted one of the attackers.

Antifa has attacked at least one church before. Antifa members organized their violent attack via Twitter and other social media platforms. They later gloated on Twitter that they had stolen the Christian group’s food and water.

Portland police watched as antifa bear-sprayed parents and their kids, lobbed “flash bombs” into the sparse crowd, and reportedly threw the group’s sound equipment into the Willamette River. This being Portland, police didn’t arrest antifa members for polluting the river, much less attacking people.

Portland’s police bureau has been defunded by at least $15 million and there’s been a mass exodus of officers retiring or going to places where the rule of law is observed.

As a result of antifa and BLM attacks on (the defunded) police, Portland is now awash in violent crime and on course to break records for shootings.

Mayor and Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler was busy attending a rap event and going out for drinks with a lady friend, so no orders for police to help were issued.

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Pastor Pawlowski has been arrested and jailed for hosting in-person church services in defiance of local pandemic diktats in Calgary.

Pawlowski, who fled from a communist country, famously ordered health inspectors and police out of his church, calling them brown shirts and Nazis.

Local left-wing political activist and pastor Chuck Currie took to Twitter to encourage the violence by characterizing the event as a “MAGA” “political rally” by people who “spread misinformation on #COVID19.”

Currie was perfectly accepting of beatings, spraying, and mayhem, apparently.

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The Portland Tribune reported that the police looked like they might try to stop the attack but, in the end, did little.


Dozens of black-clad counter-protesters pushed into the right-wing band, hurling smoke grenades and appearing to dismantle part of the public address system, spurring Portland Police Bureau squad cars onto the grass under the mid-day sun. The right-wing group marched to their announced gathering point in response.

“Antifa had threatened to beat people up and do what they do — and then they showed up and did it,” an attendee from the right-wing side said. “The police were not even far from there and they were laughing in their vehicles and doing their thing. It’s probably hard to care as an officer in a place where they take away all your funding.”

Antifa watcher and author Andy Ngo curated some of the video from the event showing the attack, the destruction, and the injuries.

Reputed Proud Boys members reportedly were tasked with providing security, but if the right-wing group was in charge of security they did a poor job.

Antifa members stalked, sprayed, and attacked people they believed were Proud Boys nearby. Police watched.

Portland radio talk host Lars Larson reported that the police initially shooed the gathering from their announced location on a popular part of the waterfront to another place several blocks away, where antifa knew to find them.


Antifa, BLM, and their fellow travelers run the streets, city hall, police department, and district attorney’s office in Portland.

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The terror group can and does attack people at will. Members of the Portland chapter of antifa — Rose City Antifa — along with Black Lives Matter torched parts of downtown and other areas in 2020 and 2021. When they were arrested at all, most of the charges against the organizations’ members were dropped in the name of political “equity,” thus furthering the two-tiered justice system in Multnomah County.


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