Release the Videos Showing Capitol Rioters Calling the Crying Police Officer the 'N Word'

Oliver Contreras/The New York Times via AP, Pool

The first hearing on the January 6th Capitol riot took place this week. We don’t know when the next one will be put on the schedule, but rest assured the hearings will be drip, drip, dripped to conveniently coincide with a certain midterm election the Democrats are desperate to fish out from the bottom of the spit bucket.


The hearing was front-loaded with crying law enforcement officers who depicted the outrageous riot as an “insurrection” and the protesters and rioters as “terrorists.”

As readers of PJ Media know, we abhor the violence from that day as we abhor the violence over the years by BLM and antifa rioters, looters, liars, and arsonists.

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No question, things got quite scary in the close confines of the Capitol hallways. The riots were abhorrent. And there was plenty of video of that at the hearing. Officers responding on January 6 may have been as scared as cops in Kenosha, Wisc., when BLM and antifa set fire to their police precinct. Or in Seattle, where BLM and antifa “CHAZ” activists used quick-drying cement to attempt to block officers from fleeing the precinct that was being set on fire. Or in New York when BLM assassins shot and killed two cops in their patrol car. Maybe as scary as when their brethren responded to the bombing of the Capitol Building committed by Barack Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers’ group, the Weather Underground. Or when the same group bombed the State Department. It might even have been as scary as being blinded by antifa and BLM lasers and being burned by antifa IEDs on the streets of Portland. I understand that some of the officers from these attacks are healing nicely. Some have even gone back to work. Many others found work in cities where the rule of law is still observed.


It might have been as scary for Capitol Police officers as it was for the Secret Service agents who rushed President Trump to the bunker because antifa and BLM rioters set fire to the “president’s church” and thought the White House might be sacked.

No video of crying officers who responded to those incidents has been released from any congressional hearing that we’ve seen.

But the Jan. 6 unrest, similar to the takeover of Nancy Pelosi’s office by far-Left demonstrators let in by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or the bashing of the doors to the Senate Judiciary Committee room to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice, was worse in their eyes.

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Representative Adam Schiff, who strung along Americans for years waiting for his incontrovertible “evidence” that President Trump was a Russian secret agent, presided over the hearing showing copious video of banshees crawling up the side of the Capitol building and inside pushing against police officers. “White nationalists,” he called them.

And there we have it. What sets this riot apart from the others is “white nationalism.”

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That’s why BLM and antifa rioters are blameless. They have noble intentions. The Capitol protesters were not people righteously indignant over election shenanigans by the Democrats. That simply cannot be. Their anger was born of racism. Their hackneyed “white nationalist” beliefs are why many of them are still in prison awaiting trial—and if you think something very wrong happened in the last election you’re a racist too. That’s why one grandma who was arrested had to read books about race to assure the judge he could go a little easier on her. She’d been healed.


The thousands of people weren’t there on January 6 to listen to the president or get a tour of the Capitol or talk to their congressional reps. They were there because they’re racist.

And we know that because, well because they told us so.

Take Schiff’s favorite testicryer from Tuesday. Officer Harry Dunn was not only frightened by the rioters but never in all the years he’s worn the uniform of the Capitol Police had he been called the “n” word.

He said he was called that epithet multiple times. He testified under oath that other officers told him they’d been called the “n” word multiple times. Their spirits were crushed. Horrible.

You’d think that Adam Schiff would have gleefully shown the damning video during the hearing.

Question: How bad was the riot that the worst thing to happen to Officer Dunn was to be called horrible names?

That aside, we’ve seen this movie before. And Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in charge of that one too.

In 2010, civil rights icon John Lewis claimed that when he walked with Pelosi—carrying her cartoon-sized gavel through the thousands of Tea Party members chanting the anti-Obamacare “Kill The Bill! Kill The Bill!”—there were white supremacists calling him the “n” word, too.


Except no one did.

Among the literally hundreds of cellphones, recorders, and other apparatus capturing the peaceful protest that day there was not one found to have racial epithets on them.

Andrew Breitbart himself offered $100,000 for someone who could produce the video. He never had to pay that money because no one, not Lewis’s aides and not Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., who was recording, would produce the “proof” of Lewis’s libel.

Because it didn’t exist.

No one can speak on behalf of all rioters and protesters at the Capitol that day. There were BLM and antifa types there who are notoriously racist as a general rule. We don’t know how many. That would seem an important data point for the January 6 commission to suss out. They won’t. But we do know that a BLM activist stood near Ashli Babbitt as she attempted to crawl through a window and was shot to death.

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Officer Dunn said a woman in a pink MAGA shirt called him the “n” word. That should be easy to find in the 14,000 hours of tapes and videos of the melee that day. It’s too bad that Capitol Police officers weren’t wearing body-worn cameras on January 6. It would make it easier to determine if the officer—who is a notorious Trump-hating partisan who cheered on the Kenosha riots and called the January 6 protesters “insurrectionists” and is on a first-name basis with congressional select committee members—is telling the truth.


But if “white nationalism” is what differentiates noble from ignoble riots, then let’s see some proof.

Release the videos.


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