'Our City's a Sh**hole': 40% of San Francisco Residents Say They Want Out

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San Francisco is dying. The “City by the Bay” is drowning in crime, homelessness, and well-deserved bad press. Now residents are taking the hint: criminals won’t go, so they will.


There’s been a 753% – not a typo – increase this year in car break-ins in broad daylight over 2020. The city is the sixth-worst in homelessness in the U.S., with a 40% increase in homeless people on the streets since 2010 – a number that doesn’t remotely correlate to the population of the city. That increase matches a San Francisco Chamber of Commerce study revealing that 40% of the city’s residents plan to get the heck out of Dodge in the next few years. Homelessness in the East Bay, which covers Oakland, Berkeley, and Alameda County, is up by 87%.

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As one business owner put it, “Our city’s a sh**hole.”

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Walgreens closed ten locations in the city because of “rampant shoplifting.” So open and brazen are the criminals that one man road into a Walgreens on a (probably stolen) scooter, jumped over the front counter, and stole something right in front of a TV crew doing a story … on shoplifting. The incident was caught on video.

A shopper leaving the store held the door open for the scooter-driving criminal.

Just this week a news crew was held up in nearby Oakland as they reported on … a huge increase in crime. The news crew’s security guard – yes, they have one – drew his gun and held off the robbers, who demanded their expensive video equipment.


In San Francisco, criminals don’t seem to go to jail. There are at least two efforts to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who picked up where disastrous former San Francisco DA-turned-LA DA George Gascon left off. The “Safer San Francisco Without Boudin” website says the city is circling the drain.

Burglaries, car break-ins, homicides and overdose-related deaths are at a crisis level.

Boudin is not keeping San Francisco safe.

He refuses to adequately prosecute criminals and fails to take drug dealing on our neighborhood streets seriously. He doesn’t hold serial offenders accountable and has released them from custody without consequences. Boudin’s response to victims? “Hopefully” home burglaries will go down.

Boudin said he wouldn’t prosecute “victimless” DUI offenses, and he failed to charge a repeat offender who then killed two pedestrians on New Year’s Eve while driving intoxicated in a stolen car.

Boudin has the wrong priorities.

He promised to take sexual assault cases seriously. Instead Boudin asked sexual assault survivors about making amends with their own attackers and offered them a chance to win a tote bag.

Tote bags for restorative justice.

Why not just give those tote bags to the criminals for their stolen loot?


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UC Berkeley School of Law criminologist Franklin Zimring told KPIX TV that the increased crime rate is probably due to a small band of criminals who aren’t caught and aren’t punished.

Burglaries across the city catapulted more than 62% from mid-March 2020 — the onset of the pandemic — until the end of last year.

“When you see an activity like that go up that much, you are either talking more active burglars, or more burglars,” said UC Berkeley School of Law professor and criminologist Franklin Zimring.

Zimring has written extensively on crime in America for decades, and is the director of criminal justice studies at UC Berkeley School of Law.

“I don’t think we’re talking about more burglars,” said Zimring. “If I had to gamble, I’d gamble it’s round up the usual suspects.”

But rounding up suspects is anathema to the city’s DA, a socialist and son of murderous Weather Underground domestic terrorists. Chesa Boudin’s campaign was bankrolled by his predecessor George Gascon, who himself was a hand-picked George Soros candidate.

People who had their cars broken into in high tourist areas were upset when cops never responded to their pleas. They were told not to call 9-1-1 because the perpetrators weren’t violent crimes.


“I expected if I called 911 maybe a cop would come,” said Penny Nurenberger of St. Louis.

“It’s kind of scary. We usually don’t see stuff like this,” said one tourist who did not wish to give his name.

“We paid for this parking and there’s no security to park our cars,” said Medina Juanita of Los Angeles.

“They don’t even care. They tell us what the hell are you going to do,” said another tourism operator who did not wish his business to be identified.

One family who did not wish to be identified showed KPIX 5 pictures they took as they witnessed thieves in action just before pulling into a parking lot on Embarcadero and Bay Street.

“We saw him bust out the glass and take bags out of the cars,” said the tourist who did not wish to be named.

Tourism operators say business started picking up after lifted restrictions, but are now worried about the long-term impact of visitors staying away.

Violent homeless people are responsible for attacking people, many of whom are Asian. 

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Eighty percent of residents polled in the Chamber of Commerce survey said they felt unsafe in their city. But, this being liberal San Francisco, while 72% said more cops should be concentrated in high crime areas, 82% want more social workers to hit the streets and counsel the criminals.


KPIX TV spoke with now-former San Francisco resident Lindsay Stevens just days after she packed up and moved to Palm Springs.

There’s nothing worse than seeing such a beautiful place in such disarray, and I really thought I was going to be sad when the movers loaded up the last container on Saturday, and I have never been more relieved.

The mayor plans to take $1 billion from taxpayers to help homeless people in the next two years.

People leaving San Francisco could use that money for U-Hauls.


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