Chi-Coms 'Shame' 'Environmental Princess' Greta Thunberg Over Her Big Fat 'Carbon Emissions'

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Poor Greta Thunberg. It used to be so simple. When I was young, kids would just sing-song, “Fatty, fatty, two-by-four, can’t get through the bathroom door.” But now, we’re so beyond yo-mama-so-fat jokes that you almost can’t tell when someone really is being fat-shamed without a Demi-Lovato-Fro-Yomitor.


Now ribbing someone about their “carbon emissions” is perceived as fat-shaming.

Take Greta Thunberg.


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The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece China Daily, the Pravda of Beijing, reported last week that Thunberg’s carbon emissions are a bit too large, if you know what I mean. Vice News:

“Although she claims to be vegetarian, judging from the results of her growth, her carbon emissions are actually not low,” said the writer, Tang Ge, who originally posted the article on the social media and messaging app WeChat.


But, “yo mama’s carbon emissions so big” doesn’t actually have the same ring to it.

Vice News concluded the slight was “scathing” and “vicious” and blamed the Communist Party organ.

In a scathing article published last week on China Daily, an outlet owned by the ruling Communist Party, Thunberg was mocked for her weight and labelled an “environmental princess” after she urged China to do more to address climate change.

Chinese social media users have joined the attack on Thunberg, complaining about her “double standards” in faulting China for its carbon emissions and for not speaking up about problems elsewhere.


Thunberg, the newly-crowned “environmental princess,” which will become my favorite name for her, wrote on Twitter that she’d put the weight shaming write-up on her resume.

Being fat-shamed by Chinese state owned media is a pretty weird experience even by my standards. But it’s definitely going on my resume.

Exactly right, Greta.

When not serving as an “environmental princess,” the 18-year-old climate junket queen called out China on Twitter and told the regime to do better.

You know, let’s not have all those Uyghur slaves put out so much CO2 or something.

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OK, she didn’t actually say that, but she did say that China needed to “drastically change [environmental] course.” Which begs the question: does this drastic course-change make me look fat?


Vice reported:

Thunberg’s call for action wasn’t extreme. In a tweet earlier this month, which became the subject of the China Daily article’s criticisms, Thunberg was responding to a report saying that China’s annual emissions were greater than those of all developed nations combined in 2019.

Acknowledging that China is a developing country and a global manufacturing hub, she said that the climate crisis can’t be solved unless the country “drastically changes course.”

They’ll get right on it for you, Greta.

Greta and her star-struck fans appear to be more upset about the fat shaming than about the Chinese slave trade.

But what do you expect from someone who is truly shameless?


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