TX Rep Dan Crenshaw Suffers 'Terrifying' Medical Emergency Which May Leave Him Blind and His Haters Soulless

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Texas Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw announced he’ll be “off the grid” for a while because of emergency surgery to fix his one remaining eye.


In a statement issued on Saturday, Crenshaw, a retired Navy SEAL, said an IED attack in Afghanistan that claimed one of his eyes may take the sight of his one “good” eye.

Crenshaw is known for his eye patch, which he uses in his election imagery and which makes him look like the badass he is.

But brave people know fear. He called that prognosis “terrifying.”

This is a terrifying prognosis for someone with one eye, and the nature of the injuries that I sustained in Afghanistan. Anyone who knows the history of my injuries know that I don’t have a “good eye,” but half a good eye.

He says the surgery went well but that he’ll be completely blind for a period of time while he lays face-down to assure that his eye heals properly.

During the surgery, they put a gas bubble in my eye, which acts as a bandage for my retina. This means I have to be face-down for the next week or so, unable to see anything.

That “week or so” may end up becoming several weeks, according to several people responding to the congressman’s announcement on Twitter who said they’d had the same surgery. Here’s just one example of a man who was face-down for 12 days.


Crenshaw asked for prayers for his recovery which were quickly answered by former White House spokeswoman-turned-governor-candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders who said she was “praying for you and your doctors.”

But mostly, Crenshaw’s timeline was filled with soulless haters who wished him to be blind forever. My mom used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I don’t always follow her advice, but I also don’t wish that somebody go blind, so there’s that.

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This woman danced on his “terrifying” fears. What a tool.

Many commenters suggested that if his vision was restored that he’d be able to “see” (see what they did there?) the error of his ways. I’m sure Congressman Crenshaw will give their “suggestions” the consideration they deserve.


And then there’s this.

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This mother of a Navy SEAL should have known better, but she couldn’t let her leftist politics interfere with any humanity she could have used to give Congressman Crenshaw a good word.

This person mocked prayer, which is ironic because after reading this many people will be praying that he grows a soul.


Sally below is so infected with leftist hate that she wished Crenshaw a future with a “cane and a dog.”

Sorry I’m not sorry. You will probably lose your second eye eventually. I usually would have empathy for someone in your condition. But You have not shown empathy for anyone but yourself. My suggestion is to buy a cane and a dog. Good luck 😂

She punctuated her ill wishes with a big smiley emoji.

And this response was the typical sh*t sandwich remark found on Crenshaw’s timeline which went something like, “I think you’re a horrible person for being a Republican, but … ”

“Joe Rogers’s” response was better than most.

I disagree with you on just about everything however sending love and positive energy to you for a complete and speedy recovery. Thank you again for your service to our country which has put you in this position. Because of people like you I’m able to disagree with you.


Here’s how you do it right: Congressman Crenshaw, we wish you well, pray for your recovery, and can’t wait for you to be back to work soon.

Was that so hard?


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