California Governor Gavin Newsom Announces That Someday His State Will Re-Open. Maybe. Until Then, the Catastrophe Continues

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Nothing says politically motivated lockdown like California Governor Gavin Newsom opening up segments of Golden State in inverse proportion to his falling polling numbers and a red hot recall campaign. But now the California governor claims to see the light. It’s a miracle! California is getting healed from the ‘rona on June 15th. If.


Former U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell wondered how the governor would know the science in ten weeks.

How does Gavin Newsom know what the science will say on June 15?! The answer is: he doesn’t. It’s all politics. And he’ll close us on a whim again. He must be recalled.

Through California’s pandemic, the hapless Golden State governor ordered COVID-positive grandmas and grandpas into nursing homes, rolled out vaccines based on skin color instead of risk factors, and all the while flouted his own lockdown rules.

He went maskless at a birthday party dinner table, his kids stayed in private, in-person school while he was doing little to get his teachers’ union buddies back into the classroom to teach everyone else’s kids. The California governor did a commercial in a shut-down restaurant, and his business was open when he destroyed others’ livelihoods.


California GOP official, Attorney Harmeet Dhillon, said, “Well I see the latest internal poll is in to Gavin Newsom’s office – let’s see how well it lasts.”

While the governor has lived life normally and Democrats have plotted to use this crisis for their Great Reset, it’s been a sh*t show for rank and file Californians.

One of the key people calling for the California recall, State Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, had a decidedly different take on Newsom’s announcement.

Headlines say Governor Newsom is opening California on June 15. They should say he’s continuing a catastrophic policy for another two months.

And the California governor hasn’t been shy about the contempt he has for his constituents. When given a chance to lead, Newsom always came down on the side of lockdowns instead of freedom. When he could have placed trust in his own citizens he opted for total control.


He and his local government cohorts shut down beaches, parks, wilderness hiking – singular outside activities – because COVID. A stand-up paddleboarder was arrested for walking on the beach to mount his paddleboard. Alone. In an entire ocean.

It’s been absurd. Everyone knows it. Newsom never fully explained the science behind his choices except to point to “cases,” positive test results, which do not inform us as to the severity of COVID illness. He kept moving the reopening goal posts. Flatten the curve became flatten the economy.

Now that Californians are taking back power by recalling the tyrant in Sacramento, Newsom’s had an epiphany. A change of heart.

The California governor announced today that he would reopen the state IF and WHEN there’s enough vaccine to give to 16-year-olds – who are not susceptible to the disease. Hospitalizations must stay stable and low. And even though it makes no sense to wear a mask outside, the California mask mandate stays in place. Put another way, he doesn’t trust you to operate in your own self-interest, Californians.

But just like the school opening fake “deal” he announced last month to get a few days of positive headlines, this is just another case of Lucy and the football. A deal rife with “ifs” and “whens.”

Like grandma hanging clothes on her old-timey clothesline, the California governor is hoping to string enough of these promises together for a long enough period of time to make people forget they’re still locked down when they fill out their recall ballot.


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