Gavin Newsom Grows Desperate as the Effort to Recall Him Just Hit a Huge Milestone

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The effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom already has nearly reached its goal of two million signatures. And the closer the campaign gets to its goal, the more desperate the governor seems to get.


The Recall Gavin 2020 campaign reports that it has collected a whopping 1.943 million signatures and has until March 17th to get every last one of them to the secretary of state’s office. The campaign needs 1.497 million to get both the recall and the replacement election on the same ballot.

As evidenced by their efforts to dilute the legal vote in California and in H.R. 1 as I reported in PJ Media, it’s clear Democrats don’t care about voter ID and verifying signatures in order to vote, but they’ll be combing through every single one of the signature sheets from the recall campaign in order to toss out as many as possible. Add to that the usual signature collecting intimidation from unions and the organized efforts to pollute signature sheets with ineligible people, and you can see what a daunting task it is to get enough signatures to get an initiative on the ballot.

But as the signatures and donations have increased over the last few weeks, Newsom’s attempt to look competent and sensitive to the needs of Californians has accelerated to the point of parody.

As I reported here at PJ Media, all of a sudden, just days ago, Newsom announced that high school football and other outdoor sports would be restored with precautions – after a barrage of online and parental criticism. Then he announced a “plan” to bribe teachers with 4.6 BILLION dollars to go back into the classroom. He might make headway if he pays tuition for private schools with California’s education funds, as I suggested, so parents can educate their children in person, but it seems the idea never occurred to him.


Here are the ever increasing numbers provided by the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign.

  • 2/3/2021 – 1,400,000
  • 2/10/2021 – 1,500,000
  • 2/17/2021 – 1,689,000
  • 2/19/2021 – 1,718,000
  • 2/24/2021 – 1,825,000
  • 3/3/2021 – 1,927,000
  • 3/4/201 – 1,943,000

Now, in another Hail Mary, Newsom has announced another makeshift “plan” with parents of high school basketball, volleyball, and water polo players to get back to playing. Parents throughout the state had planned to sue the governor to get the sports back open, as I reported in PJ Media.

The main proponent of the Recall Gavin 2020 campaign, Mike Netter, told PJ Media that people can readily see Newsom’s desperation. He said if Newsom had bothered to pay attention to real people and not just political friends, this wouldn’t have happened.

Pay attention to the people not politics. The people of California are smart enough to look out for themselves. Seems Gavin Newsom has been campaigning since he has been in office, not governing for the good of the people.

Netter confidently predicted that the campaign will reach 2,000,000 signatures by March 17th. The state will have until late April to verify the signatures. Following that, the lieutenant governor will schedule the election.


The spokesman for the campaign, Randy Economy, told KUSI TV in San Diego that momentum is with the recall.

And it’s going to continue to shift in our favor. He and his political buddies in Sacramento are going to go ahead and make sure that this election may not happen till October or November … but he’s just throwing gasoline on the fire every single day.

[Newsom’s] even being mocked on Saturday Night Live with Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer, the governor from Michigan.

Economy says the UC-Berkeley poll numbers putting Newsom at a 43% approval rating are not accurate. He believes the true number is much lower.

But he says March 17th, the day when all the signatures are due to the secretary of state’s office, is “when the actual campaign begins to get him out of office.”


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