Why Rush Limbaugh – That 'Harmless, Lovable, Little Fuzzball' – Was So Dangerous to the Left

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Rush Limbaugh was a dangerous man. You can tell by the way he has been treated in social media after his death.

As my PJ Media colleague Tyler O’Neil reported, Twitter has allowed the disgusting hashtag of #RestInPiss,  #RotInHell and #GoodRiddance to trend in the hours after the devastating death of Limbaugh, a radio, political, and cultural icon. This is the same outfit that polices “hate speech,” COVID “misinformation,” and for whom former President Trump was too controversial to be allowed. That last item is what caused Limbaugh to leave Twitter for good. Maybe this is the reason why Censor-Jack allows the misinformed bile about Limbaugh to proliferate.

Writer Michael Snyder collected deranged comments about Limbaugh on social media from the Left. Here are just a few by people who must not have listened to the same show I did for 30 years:

Christopher Mathias of the Huffington Post: “Rush Limbaugh was a bigot and a misogynist who saturated America’s airwaves with cruel lies and conspiracy theories for decades, transforming the GOP in the process.”

George Takei: “I guess I’m grateful that he lived long enough to see Trump defeated by Biden.”

New York Times podcast host Jane Coaston: “Rush Limbaugh was the first person I ever recognized existed largely as a Rorschach test.”

Bishop Talbert Swan: “Bidding him good riddance or wishing him to rot in hell is being kind.”

Chris Cillizza of CNN: “Trump was Limbaugh’s Frankenstein monster. And he proudly stood by him until the very end.”

Bette Midler: “#RushLimbaugh has gone to his reward. Bet it’s hot.”

Billy Baldwin: “Enjoy hell.”

Blah, blah.

“Comedian” Rick Younger observed that the hashtags and ill will reflected Limbaugh’s actual life.  … as if he would know…

Always try to live your life in such a way that #GoodRiddance and #RotInHell don’t trend upon news of your demise.

But, of course, Younger makes my point. Limbaugh did not live a life deserving of this spew.

The hissing from the Left comes because Limbaugh was so good at his job and his mission. Worse, he laughed at them and they couldn’t hack it. He was a hard-working, exacting, and masterly professional. It was his humanity,  warmth, and humor that account for his longevity. He was wildly successful for 30 years.

Tammy Bruce, who’s a radio talker in New York now and a Fox News contributor, started out her media life with a weekend show on KFI in LA back in the day. I used to listen to this wild-eyed, National Organization for Women, lesbian activist, as I did most day-parts of KFI, being in the business myself.

Bruce writes about meeting Rush Limbaugh back in her early days of radio in a wonderful tweet feast on Twitter, which bespeaks exactly why the Left considered Rush a dangerous man.

In her series of 14 tweets, Bruce lays bare the “lies about conservatives” and about Rush Limbaugh that she had been told.

He was gregarious & generous when we met. He shook my hand & I was shocked that he was nice & genuinely curious about my radio work and activism. I realized I was going to have a fascinating conversation

There were many events during this time as a radio talk show host that changed me. It was my first job in the medium starting in 1993. My meeting Rush & our conversations made me realize the left had been lying to me about many things…

Rush was not a monster, he wasn’t evil, he did not mean people harm, he wasn’t a bigot, or any of the other smears lobbed against him by my leftist associates. I liked him very much, and while we disagreed on many things (then) he was nothing as he had been painted

In my conversations with him, we talked about the issues and despite the disagreements, he also took time to give me advice about hosting, style, connecting w the audience, etc. He encouraged me and gave me advice that made a huge difference in my career…

He approached me and everyone else as separate individual worthy of respect and with a desire to help and inspire. Regardless of the fact that I stood for everything he stood against. It was a generosity of spirit you would never see on the left

The impact of realizing that I’d been lied to about Rush was significant, but that as a conservative he represented more of what I felt was valuable & important was a revelation. He made it possible to even consider that which is what made him so dangerous to the left

During this time as an activist leftist, it was talk radio, the audience, & meeting Rush Limbaugh that was the undeniable trigger making it possible for me to rethink my alliances & eventually leave the leftist establishment

It wasn’t just Rush, but I’d also been lied to about conservatives in general, realizing that by speaking with callers every day who were conservative & responding fairly & w curiosity to my arguments on the air. Rush made that medium, & experience, possible

My leftist associates begged me not to go into talk radio. I eventually realized they were so opposed because of what I would learn. That leftist effort to deny access to ideas & info continues w even more vitriol & punishment for those who dare to challenge leftist lies

Rush created the potential of the medium, and set the tone for entertainment, analysis & education. Honest conversations open to everyone is anathema to the left which is why they’re obsessed w creating fear & the cancel culture

The ugliness of the left will be seen throughout today & the days to come in response to the death of Rush, an American titan & defender of conservative values. The left is ugly & horrible but it is exactly their nature & should serve to remind you the importance of our fight

The good news is, Rush not only changed our lives by helping us understand the imperative of freedom & generosity, but he now serves as an even more essential example for all of us

Rush may be gone, but now it’s up to all of us to continue his commitment to our great nation. Thank you sir, for the time you took with a arrogant & smug LA leftist feminist, one of the millions of lives you changed for the better.

Tammy Bruce expresses exactly how this accomplished radio alchemist created his elixir and how she drank and believed. It eventually changed her perspective and her life.

The Left tried to steal Limbaugh’s act, change out the point of view, and compete. Air America flailed and failed spectacularly at it.

But it turns out, besides being talented and exacting, you have to like people, be likable, genuine, and brave to do this job.

And that’s why Rush Limbaugh was so dangerous.

Now, enjoy a few funny seconds of Rush’s tour de force at CPAC in 2009.

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