The Left Tries Another 'High-Tech Lynching' of Clarence Thomas and His 'Terrorist' Wife After Trump Rally

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A new fauxrage has been instigated by the Left following word that Ginni Thomas, a well-known conservative and wife of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, supported Turning Point USA, which bused in Trump supporters to the “Save America Rally” last Wednesday on The Ellipse in Washington, D.C.


As everyone knows, after the rally was over, some attendees turned into rioters and breached the U.S. Capitol Building, causing so-far un-tallied damage and chaos. When it was over, Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick had died. It is believed that the Capitol Police officer died from a head injury, possibly from a thrown fire extinguisher.

Four protesters died during the siege. Capitol Police shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, who was reportedly crawling through a broken window to get into the Capitol Building. She was 35 years old and an Air Force veteran. KTLA TV reports that Kevin Greeson, a 55-year-old Alabama man, died of a heart attack during the Capitol unrest. Fifty-year-old Benjamin Philips of Pennsylvania died of a stroke. And a 34-year-old woman, Rosanne Boyland of Atlanta, died of a “medical emergency.”

This attack didn’t just shock the consciences of all well-behaved Americans, it was a political disaster for the man the rioters supported – President Trump. As a result of the melee, the U.S. House of Representatives is trying another impeachment attempt against the president who has mere days left in his term of office.

The Left wants the total annihilation of the president, his legacy, and his supporters, root and branch.

Now it’s Ginni and Clarence Thomas’s turn. Again.

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The Left has begun a witch hunt on social media to cancel Ginni Thomas, but their real target – their big quarry – is and always has been her husband, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The Left plans another “high-tech lynching” of the conservative justice.

Its narrative hook seems to have been set by a blue checkmark at Slate.

Did Pelosi Just Reveal the Motive Behind Her Desperate Last-Minute Attacks on Donald Trump?

Slate ran a story picked up by MSN entitled, “Ginni Thomas, Wife of Clarence, Cheered On the Rally That Turned Into the Capitol Riot.”

The online publication, which has come a long way from Michael Kinsley’s original vision for the publication, reported:

Throughout the 2020 campaign, Thomas remained active on Facebook, condemning Black Lives Matter, opposing COVID-19 shutdowns, and touting the “Walk Away” movement, which purports to spotlight Democrats who became Republicans under Trump.

Quick, put her in the docks!

Like a bad game of telephone, by the time Black Enterprise got hold of the story, Mrs. Thomas basically bankrolled the riot and is a crackpot, naturally.


She has used her now-deleted Facebook page to promote disorder among citizens as well as numerous conspiracy theories including, Bill Gates’ use of the COVID vaccine to kill people, unsupported claims of Joe Biden’s corruption and accusing former President Obama of using his administration to illegally spy on Trump’s campaign to rig the election against him, the publication detailed.

Dan Abrams’s vehicle Law and Crime reported that it was through Mrs. Thomas’s help that people died last Wednesday.

[T]he attorney and wife of right-wing U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, is being heavily criticized for her role in promoting President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington, D.C.—a rally that resulted in the president’s supporters storming the U.S. Capitol Complex on Wednesday, leaving at least five dead.

The Left’s version of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theorists over at Daily Kos reported that supporting Turning Point USA was tantamount to giving aid to the 9/11 terrorists.

What Ginni Thomas did here was akin to paying for the plane tickets for the 9/11 hijackers. How is this not “aiding and abetting” the attempt to violently overthrow our government?

Decaf, people.

The Left’s QAnon-lite, Crooks and Liars, declared that Ginni Thomas a “fascist.”

Ginni Thomas is a fascist.

And now her tweets encouraging, aiding, and abetting the MAGA Sedition Riot…


The online publication The Grio declared darkly that “this is not her first time in the spotlight for supporting racism. … Mrs. Thomas requested the mayor of Clifton, Virginia, to remove a Black Lives Matter banner in the town.”

Brandon Straka’s ‘Walk Away’ Facebook Group Deleted in Big Tech Purge of Conservative Accounts

According to the website’s own reporting, Thomas objected to the banner because it was unseemly for the city to support an overtly political Marxist organization.

As leaders of this community, you should be smarter than promoting such a group as this, who uses race to foment chaos to destabilize the nation.

Naturally, of course, Mrs. Thomas’s work means that her husband should quit his job.

The blue checkmarks came out to call for Clarence Thomas quitting his job.

This self-described expert on game theory, who became “Twitter famous” for wrongly claiming that Donald Trump’s election was due to Russian intervention, intoned, “Justice Clarence Thomas must resign form the Supreme Court … while his wife’s alleged financing of a terrorist attack is investigated.”


Speaking of the Russian collusion fake news, one of the purveyors of that whopper, Ukrainian-, DNC-, and Clinton-connected apparatchik Alexandra Chalupa came out of obscurity to declare that Ginni Thomas is a terrorist.

This writer for a far-left website suggested that Clarence Thomas was a “terrorist funder.”

Oddly, there’s nothing in the history of this Washington power couple that has ever suggested that they are or have ever been terrorists.

But we see what’s happening here. If you ever said a kind word about any of the people who went to the rally to support Donald Trump on Wednesday, you just might be a terrorist.


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