The Most Definitive Video Yet of Capitol Police Letting the Protesters In

(Twitter video screenshot)

A protester was shot and killed and a Capitol Police officer died after protesters at a Trump rally poured into the Capitol Building and became violent. Soon thereafter, videos of crowds being allowed in by Capitol Police began to appear.


Here’s how I reported it at PJ Media:

One of the most pervasive story lines following the Capitol protest that turned violent is that the Capitol Police let in protesters.

Though some still doubt it, it’s beginning to appear that some of the protesters were, in fact, allowed onto the grounds and into the building, which explains why there were those who entered and stayed within the velvet guide ropes, taking selfies, and staying peaceful. And those who were not peaceful.

Indeed, two reporters from The Washington Examiner spoke with dozens of people who said that Capitol Police simply allowed them to come into the Capitol Building as they do with visitors.

And now there’s a definitive video showing that not only were police letting the protesters in, but a phalanx of police watched them let the protesters—some of whom were chanting, “f*cking traitors!”—into the building. You can hear another man wonder aloud if it might be some sort of trick when he said out loud, “they’re gonna lock us in.”

One officer greeted the protesters saying, “I don’t agree with you but …”—you can make out him saying “respect” as the crowd clambers in.

See the video in this tweet.


At another door, officers, who obviously had different rules of engagement, were physically halting people as they tried to come into the complex.

Rules changed quickly for the Capitol cops. In an area where a San Diego woman entered through a broken window, a Capitol Police officer shot and killed her.

Obviously, ROE were not the same from entrance to entrance.

The AP reports that the Capitol Police, who are mourning one of their own who was reportedly hit in the head by a violent protester during the takeover, were “still stinging from the uproar over the violent response by law enforcement to protests last June near the White House, officials also were intent on avoiding any appearance that the federal government was deploying active duty or National Guard troops against Americans.”


They were ready only “for a free speech demonstration” and, obviously, not for being overrun by protesters and an out-of-control mob.

The Capitol Police were twice offered federal help to protect the building before and during the rally. They twice said no thanks, according to the AP.


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