The Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story Is Coming Back to Bite Twitter Big Time

New York Post Cover Hunter Biden, "Biden Secret E-Mails" (New York Post)

Remember the Hunter Biden laptop story? The story that the Big Tech and media giants censored before the election because it would hurt their candidate, Hunter’s dad, Joe Biden? Remember when Twitter censored The New York Post’s account because it claimed the explosive business memos, photos of a drug-imbibing Hunter, and boudoir photos, some allegedly with an underaged “family member,” came from a “hacker”?


The non-hacker, computer repair company owner John Mac Isaac, is now suing Twitter for $500,000,000.00 for libel, defamation, and ruining his business because the social media giant disparaged him.

There were no tears from scribes at the censored New York Post.

Isaac’s look at Biden’s hard drive drove him to get in touch with the FBI, which ignored the evidence for months. The Delaware computer repairman then reached out to Rudy Giuliani, the former federal prosecutor, New York mayor, and lawyer for Donald Trump. Giuliani’s podcasts outlining the damning items inside the computer’s memory had been viewed by perhaps millions of people at this point  – and were barely a blip in the mainstream media or on Big Tech’s search apparatus.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google censored the stories before the election, while Biden’s friends derided those like Giuliani as conspiracy theorists and hackers.

Facebook throttled the content to downplay its dissemination. Twitter censored the content, saying it was “hacked material,” implying it was illegally obtained.


Isaac’s half-billion-dollar lawsuit, filed in Florida — where Twitter has an office — alleges that Twitter called knew he wasn’t a “hacker” and falsely, maliciously, and libelously depicted him as one. He said Big Tech doubled down on the lie by censoring the story reported by The New York Post.

The Defendant’s false and negligent statements about Plaintiff include:

Locking NY Post account to prevent dissemination of material

Post the reason for the locked account as it being a violation of the Defendant’s “hacked material” rules, and

Preventing others on its social media platform from disseminating the story

By labeling The Post story the fruits from a hack, Twitter implied that Isaac illegally came into possession of the information, something the lawsuit disputes. The mainstream media claimed, based on the word of Obama-Biden era intelligence officials, that the information was Russian disinformation and unsubstantiated. NBC News claimed Giuliani should hand over the contents of the laptop, instead of running down leads already in the public domain. Guiliani told the outlet there was no way he was giving over the hard drive to reporters, but he did supply a copy to Delaware law enforcement.


Isaac states in the lawsuit that he had lawful possession of the computer in order to retrieve lost files for Hunter Biden. When Hunter failed to pick it up after several attempts to get him to do so, it became his property after 90 days.

Regardless, the damage was done. Isaac’s online reviews began to depict him as a hacker, which killed his business. He shuttered his business. He blames Twitter’s “hacker” claim.

The FBI is investigating the eye-popping contents of Hunter’s laptop, though Attorney General Bill Barr said before he left office last week that he believed there was no need for a special counsel.

Eventually, Twitter unlocked the Post‘s account but Big Tech successfully tamped down the story before the election. If you’re looking for election tampering, this censorship episode deserves to be at the top of the list.


Victoria Taft is the host of “The Adult in the Room Podcast With Victoria Taft” where you can hear her series on “Antifa Versus Mike Strickland.” Find it  here.  Follow her on Facebook,  TwitterParlerMeWeMinds @VictoriaTaft 

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