Brutal: Watch a New Jersey Woman Confronting the Governor Eating Out With His Maskless Family

Twitter screenshot (@btaylor_71).

People angry over coronavirus lockdowns are burning masks in Manhattan and holding curfew-breaking protests in Huntington Beach, Calif., and now, New Jersey.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has issued Thanksgiving diktats, which include Gavin Newsom-esqueno singing” requirements and encouraging people to “keep the music levels down” so people don’t shout at the holiday table.


Murphy has asked people not to travel in or around New Jersey. He’s suggested guests celebrating Thanksgiving should quarantine for 14 days before coming for dinner. NBC New York also reports that Murphy wants people to stop hugging—and much more:

  • Limit the number of attendees to allow people from different households to remain at least six feet apart;
  • Plan ahead and ask guests to avoid contact with people outside of their households for 14 days before the gathering.
  • Guests should avoid direct contact, including handshakes and hugs with others outside their household;
  • The best option is to host outdoors rather than indoors as much as possible;
  • Wear masks. Even outdoors requires guests to wear masks when not eating or drinking;
  • If you do host indoors, increase your ventilation by opening windows and doors or placing central air and heating on continuous circulation;
  • If you are hosting provide attendees with supplies to help everyone stay healthy. These include extra masks, perhaps, and hand sanitizer and tissues, and stocking bathrooms with enough hand soap and single use towels;
  • Remind attendees to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol;
  • Limit contact with commonly touched surfaces or shared items, such as serving utensils. Use single-use options or identify one person to share shareable items, like salad dressing or food containers, plates, utensils and condiments;
  • Encourage guests to avoid singing or shouting – especially indoors;

And keep the music down.

The governor urges people to not “go outside [your] bubble” not only for Thanksgiving but for the foreseeable future.

Murphy and his wife Tammy have lectured and hectored Garden State residents about wearing masks, keeping socially distant, and avoiding large gatherings.

There’s no extra charge for mockery.

So when a woman saw Governor Phil Murphy and all six of his family members sitting at a restaurant over the weekend, a New Jersey woman gave him a profanity-filled dressing down. It’s unclear where this was taken. Murphy’s wife took her own video, so if she posts it we may get a better idea.


One woman said to Murphy, “Hey, how ya doin’?” Another chimed in, “Oh, my God, Murphy, you’re such a d**k.” And it was on.

They asked him where his mask was and by the end of the short video, Murphy had put one on. Eventually, Murphy’s kids got into it with the women, accusing them of being drunk and asking them to put on their masks. It’s a mess.

The video shows Murphy was busting out of his own “bubble,” but he was with his family and there’s no requirement to wear a mask if you are eating. So he wasn’t doing a full-Newsom by breaking all of his own rules at The French Laundry.

The rude behavior wasn’t as bad as BLM stealing food, drink, and terrorizing people eating at their tables in Washington, D.C., but the New Jersey confrontation was still bad manners.

Maybe they can all go to church and pray about it. If they aren’t at more than 25% capacity in the pews, I mean.


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