Here We Go Again. Triggered Liberals Call for ANOTHER Boycott of Hobby Lobby

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Sigh. Apparently, triggered liberals have taken a break from being outraged over your insufficient mask habits and your unwillingness to kneel to go after Hobby Lobby again.


The last time the Left was spun up by Hobby Lobby, the Christian-based craft store chain was accused of using “racist” cotton. Before that, they were scorned for refusing to cover abortions for their employees in their health insurance plans in defiance of ObamaCare. The case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which decided that the business, which is closed on Sundays, was sufficiently Christian-y enough to opt out of paying for killing babies.

Portland Rioter ‘Celebrates’ 100 Nights of Riots by Tossing Molotov Cocktail—and Instantly Regrets It

Star Trek actor George Takei and Senator Patty Murray (D-Chaz,) were in high dudgeon over the portent of lost women’s “rights” from the decision. All hope was gone.

It’s as if there’s a boiler room full of idea-guys. Someone stands at a racist whiteboard as the ideas of what next to be offended by are shot out like .223 rounds at the range.

And, guess what? There is. Newsweek reports that the “what next” came from the anti-Trump Lincoln Project Facebook page, which highlighted this sign made by someone at one of the Hobby Lobby stores.

Newsweek reported:

Hobby Lobby is facing fresh calls to boycott the arts and craft giant as a pro-Trump display was spotted at one of its stores. A photo of a display reading “USA vote Trump” in decorative letters was shared in a tweet that has now gone viral.

Kari Brekke shared a photo of the display, which was originally posted in Lincoln Project Group on Facebook, in a tweet that currently has thousands of likes and shares.


Some butt-hurt Lefties decided that the chain must have had some sinister motive for allowing that sign to be put up.

Uh-Oh: AOC’s Goya Boycott is Having a Massive Effect Across the Country

Emily Zanotti appealed to Newsweek’s readers’ common sense: “People. Randos rearrange decorative letters at hobby stores all the time. Please tell me you’re not this dumb.”

This person claims to work at a Hobby Lobby and said people mess with the letters all the time.

You mean rearrange letters like this?

And this?


Pro-Trump Goya CEO Pushes Back Against Boycott Calls

This Black Lives Matter activist urged on his fellow militants: “Incase [sic] you were getting soft on your Hobby Lobby boycotting… This is a current display! #BoycottHobbyLobby.”

Who are these people? Thieves, apparently.

This woman called for people to steal from Hobby Lobby because she claimed them to be “homophobic.”

People littered the “boycott” Twitter feed with absolutely ridiculous stories.

‘This Is Where They House the Rioters!’ City of Portland Houses Some Antifa Rioters Destroying the City

“Always remember who shopped there,” says a guy who’s an “investigative journalist” who linked Hobby Lobby to a serial killer.



This psycho decided to label all evangelical Christians as a “cult” to make himself feel better.

There was plenty of Christian-bashing.

Those crazy Christians!

These non-Hobby Lobby customers considered it an act of valor to call on people to boycott the store. A respondent lamented that the Christian store doesn’t even have Halloween decorations!!

Others said they’d be shopping this week at Hobby Lobby because of the sign and to counteract any boycotts.

Comedian Tim Young said the corporate office should welcome the Left’s latest boycott “…especially after their last boycott of Goya that led to record sales of beans.”


Do you know when it’s time to reopen the country and go back to work? When people take time to contemplate empty gestures like this. Do yourself a favor, get a hobby.


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