Portland 'Back the Blue' Rally Turns Into Riot When Antifa Shows Up and Starts Assaulting People

It was another “don’t start nuthin’, won’t be nuthin'” clash in Portland on Saturday. Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters crashed a pro-police Back the Blue rally downtown. True to form, antifa and BLM went from counter-“protesting” to violently attacking people.


We’ve seen it before.

The Back the Blue rally included members of Proud Boys, a multi-racial (yes) group of America-loving and antifa-hating tough guys and gals, who will fight back if the Leftist mob starts something. They come prepared to do battle.

And guess what? That’s exactly what happened. If antifa doesn’t start the violence then no violence happens.

Proud Boys are defined by the mainstream media and the Left (but I repeat myself) as “white supremacists,” but they appear to be a much more ethnically diverse group than antifa is. The local leader is Hispanic.

Imagine ‘Antifa Ballot-Harvesters.’ It Isn’t Hard To Do.

One black woman demonstrating with Back the Blue had a jar of urine poured on her by antifa.

As they often do, the Portland Police watched while the melee ensued.

A black bloc-outfitted antifa member hit a guy walking away from the mob and got instant retaliation from the guy she hit.
Listen to the antifa woman “press” screech while the cops do nothing about it.


Antifa complained that the riot was declared after Proud Boys and the Back the Blue rallygoers left.

Portland Rioters Set Fire to County Building Full of COVID PPE. Top Cop Begs Them to Stop.

You can count on Mayor Ted Wheeler to denounce the violence against antifa by the right-leaning group.

Mayor Ted Wheeler Raises Alert that Rally Supporting Cops Is Planned

He announced the free-speech Back the Blue rally on his Twitter feed.

Newly installed Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has already announced that he will not prosecute most charges against antifa – even for rioting.

The same is not the case for a member of Patriot Prayer, which is a Portland-area Proud Boys offshoot.

Joey Gibson was assaulted by antifa and was later arrested and charged with felony riot for an incident at a now-defunct cider bar, “Cider Riot!” It’s known as an antifa hangout.


Portland’s Two-Tiered System of Justice

Gibson’s attorney, James Buchal (who is also the Multnomah County GOP Chair) says the DA refuses to drop charges against his client, though he has let hundreds of antifa rioters go free.

Oregon Court Affirms Conviction of Journalist Who Pulled Gun to Stop Advancing Antifa Mob

Buchal told me in an email that it’s clear Multnomah County has a two-tiered system of jurisprudence and those who defend themselves against antifa are treated as the criminals.

Those who would dare to use force or display weapons to defend themselves against Antifa violence will face the full force of Portland law enforcement, but outside extreme cases, the District Attorney deems Antifa’s victims to be second-class citizens not worthy of protection.

Mr. Gibson suffered repeated assaults from Antifa on May 1st at Cider Riot, but responded only by livestreaming and calling out the Antifa misconduct, and even prevented an all-out brawl by discouraging violence among anti-Antifa demonstrators.

The Circuit Court of Multnomah County has already confirmed that Mr. Gibson did not personally engage in conduct that “went beyond Constitutionally protected speech or demonstration.”


Videographer Mike Strickland can attest to the two-tiered justice system in Portland. In 2016, antifa protesters chased him out of a Black Lives Matter rally and roughed him up. When they noticed he was still covering the event, a large group came back to inflict more punishment. Strickland pulled his legally-possessed gun and held back the crowd. No shots were fired and Strickland was the only one hurt that day.

He went to jail. His case is on appeal.

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