Day 70: Portland Woman Attacked as She Stands Up to Antifa Trying to Set Precinct on Fire

(Portland Police Bureau)

The group that House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler insists is a myth attacked an elderly woman who stood up to antifa thugs trying to set the East Portland Police Precinct on fire.


Portland Police reported that the woman stood in front of the East Precinct, apparently taking a stand against efforts to burn it. They shrieked at the woman who protested, “This isn’t your world anymore!”

Several people responding to the video of the woman claimed she deserved it because she got in antifa’s way.

The black-bloc-clad mob later confronted a woman using a walker, who brought a fire extinguisher to put out a fire set by antifa thugs. Antifa members ripped off notes and hearts on the East Precinct left by police supporters and set them on fire in an oil barrel next to the precinct.

Police later collected the items left behind by the antifa terrorists, which included spikes to flatten tires, rocks, glass bottles, and paint.

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Cops reported that the tires on “several” of their vehicles were destroyed by the devices.


Several people responding to the police tweet remarked that it was in response to police slashing the tires of the so-called riot “snack van” deployed to resupply rioters in July.

These “caltrops,” made from rebar, were left in the street to destroy tires so cops couldn’t get away if the building caught fire. Persons trying to get away would have been left to the whims of the mob.

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We haven’t seen caltrops used by antifa in Portland before. Use of these devices is encouraged in an antifa tactics chat room. Varieties of caltrops are available on Etsy. The group also calls for spraying expanding foam into the exhaust and catalytic converters. Maybe Friday night, Day 71 of the imaginary riots, we’ll see that tactic trotted out.

Police said the group was spoiling for a fight Thursday night, using lasers to blind officers. They threw rocks the size of Coke cans and severely injured one officer.

People in the group were wearing helmets and carrying shields. At 9:46 p.m., Portland Police began making public address announcements, informing the crowd not to attempt to break in to East Precinct or burn the building.

Soon after the announcement was made, members of the group began to spray paint and dismantle the surveillance cameras on the front doors of East Precinct. One member of the group was successful in dismantling the surveillance camera. Several members of the group were spotted with cans of paint which were thrown towards East Precinct. Two elderly community members attempted to stop the group from vandalizing the building with paint and were subsequently hit with the paint.

An officer was severely hurt when a large rock was thrown at one of their shoulders.


And, once again, people with “press” affixed to their black-bloc attire participated in the violence. Recently, a judge ordered police not to interfere with “reporters” covering the riots displaying “press” on their clothes. Now even more antifa members are “the press.”

Since several people with “press” affixed to them continued to interfere with officers performing their lawful duties, a public address announcement was made which closed Southeast 106th Avenue from Southeast Washington Street to Southeast Cherry Blossom Street to all people including members of the press.

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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler said the previous night’s attack on the East Precinct, which I reported here, was attempted murder. But that wasn’t what bothered him the most, apparently, as my PJMedia colleague Tyler O’Neill reported, Wheeler was upset that the riots, which have been going on for 70 days, give President Trump a talking point in his re-election efforts.

“Don’t think for a moment, if you are participating in this activity, that you are not being a prop for the reelection campaign of Donald Trump, because you absolutely are.”

“You are creating the B-roll film that will be used nationally to help Donald Trump in this campaign. You don’t want to be part of that, then don’t show up,” Wheeler urged.


As of earlier this week, a total of 277 police officers had been injured in the Portland riots that Democrats pretend aren’t happening. The riots, to the extent they exist at all, are President Trump’s fault. The same Democrats also say that the riots stopped when the Federal Protective Service left protection of the federal courthouse to Oregon State Police and Portland Police.

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