Man Who Hid Rioters and Looters From Justice Hailed as 'Good Samaritan' by NBC News

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Rioters, lootersand worse tore parts of Washington, D.C., asunder since last week over the killing of George Floyd, a black man, by Minneapolis police officers. Over the weekend, violent protesters tried to scale the fences protecting the White House and Lafayette Square which sits across from the rioter-torched St. John’s Church. They defaced beloved national monuments. Businesses were burned, peoples’ life savings torched to satisfy the selfish hunger of the rioters, who apparently felt invincible.


Rioters, who included antifa and Black Lives Matter, were so destructive over the weekend that D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser set a 7 p.m. curfew on Monday evening.

But a contingent of protesters, lawbreakers, and rioters stayed behind and planned to break curfew to keep on “protesting.”

On Swann Street NW in D.C., police had closed off both ends of the street in what police call a “kettling” maneuver.

Officers waited to arrest the dead-enders for breaking the curfew imposed because of the rioting.

Fox 5 DC reports that among the hundreds of protesters on Swann Street were people arrested for curfew violation, burglary, rioting, attacking two police officers, and setting a patrol car on fire.

Protesters said they “were trapped” and pleaded with police to let them go. They wouldn’t think of breaking curfew again and continuing their rioting. Trust us, they said.

The officers boxed in protesters and started to make arrests. Fox 5 DC reports that police made more than 300 arrests on Monday alone and they arrested 194 of those people near the rioter stronghold on Swann Street NW.


Out of the blue came Rahul Dubey. He opened his door and let in as many as 70 protesters into his multi-level home. Another neighbor reportedly did the same. They did it to protect the rioters from the cops.

Dubey told a fawning Andrea Mitchell, who had been dispatched to the tony neighborhood to do a first-rate snow job, that the poor protesters “were being crushed and decimated right where you’re standing, Andrea.”

Mitchell, outfitted in a mask for social distancing, never asked Dubey about the healthfulness of having 70 protesters inside his house. What pandemic?

She told her audience that “it had been a harrowing night for the protesters” leaving them “with no way out and with police unleashing “a barrage of pepper spray.”

When the curfew ended at 6 a.m. Tuesday, the door opened and protesters walked out to the cheers of friends and TV news crews.


Dubey enthused to WJLA TV, “I hope that my 13-year-old son grows up to be just as amazing as [the protesters] are.” The station reported, “He says our country needs people like them.”

Let’s hope Dubey stays on the right side of the rioters.

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