Don't Look Now, But Trump's Super Bowl Commercials Were the Most Talked About on Social Media


Did you think that Mr. Peanut commercial was the most impactful spot during the Super Bowl broadcast? (Spoiler alert: Mr. Peanut comes back as a Baby Peanut).

Did the Amazon “Alexa” ad starring Ellen DeGeneres make you wonder about Big Brother?


Did Tom Brady’s Hulu spot get you talking?

How about the Bill Murray “Groundhog Day” Jeep commercial?

All fun. All clever. But none was as impactful and talked about on social media as Donald Trump’s re-election ads.

How? He’s … Orange Man? Isn’t Orange Man bad? Maybe in mainstream media he is but not on social media.


That’s the word from Salesforce:

Salesforce says that impressions of Trump’s commercials outdid all of those commercials and others. Surprising, considering that coverage of the president is overwhelmingly negative from the media and especially so with the impeachment coverage. reports that from its analysis, Trump by far generated the most positive buzz on social media during Super Bowl:


Super Bowl 54 Social Media MVPs

Most Mentioned Advertisers Globally (Click to Tweet)

Donald Trump (171,849 mentions, 75.6% positive)
Avocados from Mexico (69,090 mentions, 94.3% positive)
Google (32,069 mentions, 62.3% positive)
Olay (27,640 mentions, 95.8% positive)
Budweiser (16,527 mentions, 89.5% positive)

Here are the top commercials that generated the most positive buzz on social media:

Trump’s 30-second message about Alice Marie Johnson, for whom Trump granted clemency for dealing cocaine decades ago. Her cause was highlighted by Kim Kardashian West, who personally appealed to the president at the White House to commute her sentence.

Trump’s other message was about his record:


The “Avocados from Mexico” ad with Molly Ringwald was the second-most talked about commercial on social media:

The Google ad that showed how an elderly man used the search engine to remember his wife was third. The Olay ad that was touted by many social media mavens on Twitter came in fourth and then, coming in fifth, was a Budweiser sans Clydesdales!:

Social media is a fickle battlespace, but it must give the Democrats some pause that Trump’s re-election spots made such a positive impact with people keeping up with the Super Bowl on Sunday. Incredible, really.


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