Could Biden Have Truly Won the 2020 Election?

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It is truly remarkable that almost two months after the 2020 election, we still cannot say with certainty which candidate received the most legitimate votes. What with insecure ballot drop boxes, questionable signature-matching, and reports of stacks of ballots with only Joe Biden’s name marked and no other votes, serious red flags deserve investigation.

After all, it seems utterly absurd to suggest that Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., an aging man who spent much of the final weeks of the campaign in his basement, a Democrat who actually said “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for him, a “moderate” who allowed the radicals in his party to push him ever leftward, and a man whose family connections — and reportedly his own business practices — may make him compromised with China, would defeat Donald Trump. How could the American people choose this husk of a candidate?

I can certainly sympathize with Americans who smell a rat in this scenario. How could the voters make so monumental a mistake? Doesn’t it make more sense to conclude that the election was stolen, somehow?

However, in recent weeks, I have grown even more pessimistic. I now think that Joe Biden probably did win enough legal votes to defeat Donald Trump — not because he deserved them or because it makes sense — but because Big Tech and the legacy media buried the truth about this election and because Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) shoveled money into blue cities, increasing turnout among the very people who were more gullible regarding the media’s Trump smears.

I firmly believe there are numerous election-related red flags, irregularities, and policies that invited fraud in this election. However, I do not believe it is necessary to resort to illegal fraud to explain Biden’s win. Shenanigans that arguably should be illegal — like the CTCL ballot drop-boxes and the massive expansion in mail-in voting — may have made the difference, but I have grown to conclude that it is likely Joe Biden really did receive enough votes from legal voters to win.

Even if Joe Biden did receive enough legal votes, Americans need to demand election integrity measures after this fiasco. Republicans and Democrats should both demand the highest standards of election integrity, regardless of which candidate prevails. The fact that Big Tech and the legacy media have rushed to brush aside reports of irregularities and fraud is damning, and this narrative cannot be allowed to prevail.

However, it is tragically possible — and I am growing more convinced it is likely — that the coalition of Zuckerberg, unscrupulous officials, Big Tech, and the media legally stole this election. Zuckerberg and officials stole it by boosting mail-in voting in cities, while Big Tech and the media stole it by burying the truth about Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

A Media Research Center (MRC) poll found that no fewer than 17 percent of Americans who voted for Joe Biden said they would not have done so had they been aware of just one of eight key stories the legacy media suppressed.

The legacy media buried the true power of the sexual assault allegations Biden faced, the evidence that the Hunter Biden influence-peddling scandal implicated Joe Biden, and the fact that Kamala Harris ranked as the most radical-left senator in 2019. The legacy media also buried news of the explosive 33.1 percent GDP growth in the third quarter of 2020, the 11.1 million jobs created, President Donald Trump’s historic Middle East peace deals, America’s energy independence, and the miraculous creation of COVID-19 vaccines in Operation Warp Speed.

The media bias on these stories proved particularly noteworthy and effective, but it is merely a snapshot of the past four years of constant negative press coverage that buries Trump’s accomplishments and focuses on every bad aspect of his presidency.

As of Tuesday, only 44 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job as president, while 53.1 percent disapprove, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average, and this kind of negative approval rating has plagued Trump throughout his presidency. Trump’s highest rating came in late March, before the COVID-19 economic downturn.

To be fair, Trump deserves some of the negative coverage. The president’s insults are legendary, and he often mocks people far below his station. He has made some very unpresidential statements that make his supporters nervous.

However, much of the legacy media’s complaints about his Twitter usage boils down to his opposition to the Left’s narrative on issues like climate change, religious freedom, abortion, globalization, and more. The constant outrage often traces back to the basic worldview divide between Trump’s conservative policies and the Left’s stifling orthodoxy.

For this reason, Trump’s accomplishments have been misunderstood and his errors blown out of proportion.

It is tragically quite possible that Americans, having been conditioned to hate Trump and to grow extremely exhausted by the constant outrage of his presidency, actually did vote for a man who is frail, potentially compromised by China, and extremely unsuitable for the White House.

Before you accuse me of “giving up the fight,” ask yourself if it is not more plausible — and more tragic — to think that Joe Biden actually did secure more votes than Donald Trump. By all means, prove me wrong. I was wrong about Trump in 2016 (I didn’t think he would govern as a conservative), and I would be very glad to be wrong about this.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.

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