Baby Yoda, Kangaroos, #ImWithHer: The Most Eye-Catching March for Life Signs

Photo Credit: Tyler O'Neil, PJ Media.

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of thousands of Americans — and some foreigners — stormed the nation’s capital to speak up for innocent unborn children slaughtered by abortion. President Donald Trump made history, becoming the first sitting U.S. president to address the march. Yet many of the most memorable moments came from the inventive signs protesters carried.


It would be impossible to capture the wonderful diversity of pro-life messages at the March, given the immense size of the crowd.

Even so, here are a few of my favorites.

1. Black Babies Matter

One protester held a sign reading “Black Babies Matter,” in the style of the Black Lives Matter movement. Many black leaders have condemned the targeting of black babies for abortion, with Democratic Louisiana state Sen. Katrina Jackson calling it genocide. Jackson spoke at the March.

2. I’m With Her

In a similar vein, an enterprising young woman borrowed the Hillary Clinton slogan “I’m With Her,” turning it into a pro-life cry to support female unborn babies. Girls are overwhelmingly targeted for sex-selection abortions in the U.S. and abroad.

Trump Defends the Unborn at March for Life: Every Life ‘Is in the Image of Almighty God’


3. Women’s Rights Begin at Conception!

As the crowd marched onward to the Supreme Court, some protesters inverted the argument that abortion is a woman’s right, claiming that women’s rights begin at conception. Indeed, they do — or at the very least, should.

4. “Smash the Patriarchy: Abolish Abortion!”

Feminists often champion abortion as a woman’s right, but all too often women are forced into having their precious babies killed because the father doesn’t want the child. A 2018 study showed that nearly 75 percent of women said their decision to abort was subject to pressure from others — parents, boyfriends, or husbands. More than 58 percent said they aborted their baby to make others happy, and almost 30 percent said they made the decision from fear of losing their partner if they did not. Many women at the March declared that true feminism is pro-life.

5. Is that a kangaroo?

Near the Supreme Court, I ran into a group of Australians who flew 14 hours to Los Angeles, 8 hours to Mexico, and then another chunk of hours to Washington, D.C. — just to join the historic March for Life with President Trump! One of the women told me that three Australian states — New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria — allow abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason, and lack requirements like informed consent. Aussies are organizing for life Down Under, but they also came all the way across the globe to join the March for Life.


6. Thanos is an abortionist

As an Avengers fan, I happened to enjoy the sign reading “THANOS IS AN ABORTIONIST!” Indeed, some of the arguments in favor of abortion mimic the thinking of this classic Avenger‘s villain. Fears of overpopulation and crime are often used to justify the killing of babies in the womb. Whatever your opinion about Freakonomics, there is something utterly grotesque about using economic arguments to justify or celebrate the killing of human beings. Of course, the parallel breaks down because at least Thanos kills people painlessly, while a baby can feel pain as early as 13 weeks.

7. Baby Yoda

Many protesters shared pictures of The Child from Disney’s Star Wars show The Mandalorian. Better known as Baby Yoda, the child is 50 years old, but looks like a baby. The show revolves around the titular figure — a bounty hunter — and his relationship with the child. He protects Baby Yoda again and again.


This made Baby Yoda a potent theme at the March for Life. Many posters featured the child, with messages like “Baby Yoda Is Pro-Life” and “Choose life, you should.”

Others involved the (grown-up) Yoda quote, “Judge me by my size, do you? Size matters not.”

Catholic News Agency’s Christine Rousselle originally warned against using Baby Yoda signs at the March for Life. “Please do not do this,” she warned. “Don’t politicize him, he’s a baby. Let’s just have ONE thing we can all get behind.”

While I share the sentiment — and indeed far too much of American culture is being politicized — I think the premise of The Mandalorian plays to the pro-life theme.

My favorite poster featured the Mandalorian carrying a happy Baby Yoda with the message, “Protect the Child. This is the way.”


This is what the March for Life is all about: protecting the unborn children targeted by the horror of abortion.

Tyler O’Neil is the author of Making Hate Pay: The Corruption of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Follow him on Twitter at @Tyler2ONeil.


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