Trans 'Dad' Gives Birth: 'I Don't Think Pregnancy Is the Ultimate Female Experience'

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Out of Britain comes the ultimate topsyturvy transgender story: a transgender “man” gave birth with sperm from a transgender “woman,” directed by a transgender doctor. Yet the mother’s words about pregnancy, motherhood, and femininity may prove the most shocking and tragic.


“I don’t think pregnancy is the ultimate female experience, therefore it didn’t challenge me as a man,” 39-year-old Reuben Sharpe, the mother who identifies as a man, told Britain’s Daily Mirror. “I actually liked my pregnant body and liked being bigger. It was very affirming and I really enjoyed it – I’m a man and I get pregnant. There’s a lot of changes to go through but I felt free of that.”

Sharpe seemed completely oblivious to the fact that she gave birth because she is biologically female. She has the ability to bring life into the world because of her female sex, and that — more than anything else — should snap her out of the misconception that she is male. Pregnancy may or may not be the “ultimate female experience,” but only women can get pregnant.

The woman publicly identified as a man 12 years ago. After noting the decade-long transgender identity, the Daily Mirror included this hilarious sentence: “But he still had maternal instincts and six years ago stopped taking testosterone in the hope of one day having a child.”

Even though Sharpe identifies as a man, the Daily Mirror recognized her parental instinct as maternal, not paternal — perhaps because she is a woman?

The new mother does not have a husband but a “partner” who identifies as “non-binary.” “Jay” is also a biological woman, as revealed by her mastectomy mentioned later in the article. To make matters more needlessly confusing, “The sperm donor was a trans woman… and even the DOCTOR was transgender.”


Biology does not lie: this mother is female, and when she wanted to have a child, she needed the assistance of a male, even if that man identifies as a woman. Sharpe reportedly sought out a transgender doctor.

“It’s taken six years to get this far, but now we have a baby in our arms and that was the end goal. I finally feel complete,” Sharpe said. “It wasn’t that I was desperate to have the birthing experience or pregnancy experience, but I wanted a child and I had the facility to do it.”

She had the “facility to do it” — also known as a womb — because she is female. Yet, bully for her, she doesn’t feel threatened in her supposed masculinity by the fact she just had a baby.

Naturally, Sharpe was treated as something like a celebrity at the fertility clinic and the midwife’s office.

“It felt uncomfortable and made us sad because it was happening at such important times when we were going to see our baby. Both of us just wanted a normal experience,” she said.

Even though the new mother said she felt affirmed by the pregnancy, she went on to make some very revealing remarks.

“Women struggle with their bodies when they go through pregnancy too, so it isn’t something a trans man would exclusively feel,” she said. “Wanting to have a baby doesn’t feel like a female thing for me. It doesn’t make a woman less of a woman if she’s not keen on pregnancy, infertile, doesn’t want a baby. This isn’t a trans issue – it affects everyone.”


Not wanting to have children or not being able to have children does not make a woman less of a woman, but the ability to bear children does make a woman female — that’s part of the biological definition of “woman.”

As the transgender movement has grown, news outlets repeatedly report that a “man” has given birth. In each case, a biological woman has done what women throughout history have done — bring new life into the world. The only difference between thousands of years of human history and this story, for instance, is that the mother, the sperm donor, and the doctor all think and act as though they belong to the opposite sex.

The Daily Mirror refers to Reuben Sharpe as a “proud dad,” but she is a proud mother. Thanks to male hormones, she has a beard, a deep voice, and some masculine features, but when she wanted to have a child, she became pregnant.

Many lesbians have long complained that transgenderism erases lesbians. In this case, Sharpe and her partner are lesbians, which is why the mother could not get the sperm from her partner.

Finally, Sharpe went to a transgender doctor. The medical profession has been subverted by transgender ideology in terrifying ways. Not only do doctors encourage dangerous hormones and surgery that will have a lasting impact on their patients, but in one case a baby died because a pregnant mother looked like a man and had “male” marked on her identification. As a result, the hospital treated her like an overweight man, rather than a pregnant woman.


Many transgender “treatments” leave patients scarred and can make them infertile. Sharpe herself did not become pregnant easily and went off male hormones for seven years before giving birth. This story and others like it suggest that some fertility may be restored despite experimental drugs, but even on that score, it is not very inspiring.

No matter how someone identifies, “mother” is the term for the female parent who gets pregnant and gives birth and “father” is the term for the man who helps conceive the child. This mother may have a beard and look masculine thanks to experimental treatments, but that does not make her male or make her a father — and it absolutely should “challenge” the conception of herself “as a man.”

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