Iran Will Host International 'Hourglass' Festival Celebrating Israel's Imminent Demise

Website screenshot of the Hourglass Festival logo. Iran will host an event celebrating the alleged impending doom of Israel.

An international conference dedicated to anti-Israel art and media will take place in Iran next month. “The First International Hourglass Festival” celebrates the secret plan developed by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to ensure the Jewish state will cease to exist in 25 years.


The “festival aims to promote the attention movement to the Supreme leader of Revolution (regarding to the collapse of the Zionist regime over the next 25 years) & the attention movement to the Quds as the first issue of Islamic world and support of the oppressed Palestinians as one of the most strategic slogans of Islamic Republic of Iran,” the website’s garbled English version explains.

The official poster of the festival, released Monday, emphasized the idea that time is running out for the state of Israel. The image features a blue Star of David (the Jewish symbol on the Israeli flag) decomposing at the top of an hourglass, with elements of that symbol collecting on the bottom of the glass.

The festival’s organizer, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, an aide to the speaker of Iran’s Parliament, told Iran News that the event will celebrate the fact that “the Islamic Republic won’t allow the Zionists to play with the security of the sensitive region of Middle East. Iran and its allies in the region, who defeated terrorists, will never allow the Zionists to endanger the region’s security.”

Amir-Abdollahian said Iran’s plan to grant the Palestinians victory over Israel relies on the aid of other Muslim states, all of whom “must play their role in this regard.” (Perhaps he means every Muslim state except Saudi Arabia, as the festival website slams “damned Wahabism,” along with the USA and Israel.)


The organizer admitted that he “cannot publicize the Islamic Republic’s plan to realize the Leader’s prediction that the Israeli regime will collapse within 25 years, but it will definitely happen,” Iran News reported.

In another twist, the paper reported that Amir-Abdollahian “also referred to U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the capital of the Zionist regime, and described it as a great help for the Palestinians as it united the Muslim World against Israel.”

This is far from the first anti-Jewish celebration held under the Khamenei regime. The regime also hosts a conference centered on denying the Nazi atrocities committed against Jews in the Holocaust.

In recent months, Israel has launched airstrikes against Iranian targets in Syria, engaging in a proxy war against the Khamenei regime. Israel has threatened to escalate these strikes in an attempt to “dismantle the axis of evil — Syria, Iran, and Hezballah.”

Late last year, protests against the regime broke out against the country, with activists calling for the end of the regime and for Iran’s withdrawal from foreign affairs in the Middle East.


While the protests have largely died away, festering unrest may spell long-term doom for the theocratic regime of Khamenei. Next month, Iran will celebrate the impending doom of Israel. How ironic would it be if, 25 years from now, the Islamic Republic in Iran were the regime washed away from the earth — by its own people — as the Jewish state stands tall?

Even so, it is notable that Israel hosts no such celebration, and if it were to do so, the United Nations would undoubtedly have a field day.


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