16 Hilarious #MillennialFlirting Tweets

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One of the signs of a healthy young person is his or her ability to mock our strangely entitled generation. From “affirmative consent” to microaggressions, millennials really know how to have fun! And we’re super chill and down to earth about our simple orders of a skim, non-fat, half-caf, semisweet mocha with Stevia and whipped cream.


So, on one particular Wednesday, #MillennialFlirting went viral because we millennials are particularly fun to mock (we know, we do it ourselves!). The results are wonderful, and PJ Media had to share the top 16. You’re welcome.

16. We’re not hipster at all.

15. Can I get written consent … to ask what your name is?

The Federal Government’s Sexual Reign of Terror on College Campuses

Next Page: Ugh, flirting is so sexist … patriarchy!

14. I can’t flirt, it’s against my religion.

13. The perfect winning formula — modern poetry in its finest essence.

Next Page: What a millennial date looks like — with as many descriptive pronouns as possible.

12. Here’s a simple order.




11. Oooh, so romantic!


Next Page: What it means to share your life with a millennial.

10. Want to share some … student loan debt?

9. What dating will look like under President Sanders.

Next Page: Meet me at Starbucks before the rally against capitalism.

8. This one image says so much…



7. Promises, promises.


Next Page: The essential question in any millennial relationship…

6. Seriously, the answer is important.

5. The same stuff is oppressing us.


Next Page: The kind of drink you get her is very important.

4. Get the order right!



3. So much free-dom!


Next Page: You can totally appropriate my culture. Just saying’

2. So politically incorrect … Geez!

1. I identify as your girlfriend.


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