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UW-Madison Wants to Fight Systematic Oppression by...Abraham Lincoln?

No one is ever good enough for leftists. If there's ever any flaw, any chink in the armor of righteousness, then someone is unworthy of praise and respect. You'll never be good enough for them no matter what you do because you crossed some stupid line that wasn't even a line when you were alive.

The latest example is how students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, AKA Berkeley of Wisconsin, want to try and destroy the legacy of Abraham Lincoln.

From The College Fix:

The University of Wisconsin-Madison wants to publicly acknowledge its associations with white supremacists from nearly 100 years ago.

The official move to study and recognize racially problematic parts of the university’s past, however, has brought back an issue the student government dealt with this spring: Abraham Lincoln’s legacy.

A protest group floated the idea of removing the large statue of the 16th president of the United States from campus two years ago, and last year the landmark was draped in a black tarp during a racial protest by students.

The student government approved a resolution in the spring semester that would educate the community about Lincoln’s “oppression.”

A spokesperson told The Daily Cardinal in August there was still “interest from representatives on the issue” of recognizing Lincoln’s legacy toward local native populations, though an unidentified Student Council member told The College Fix there was no resolution pending.

In other words, eradicating slavery wasn't enough to be worthy of remembrance. No, he wasn't particularly nice to the Native Americans...the same Native Americans who weren't always particularly nice to white folks, I might add.

No one is ever perfect, but it seems that some folks can't accept that ending slavery and going to war to preserve our nation should entitle someone to a little respect in the afterlife.