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Earth Rejects Yoko Ono's Love Message

A billboard reading "I LOVE YOU EARTH" damaged by Hurricane Irma with an oil change sign below.

Last month, Jade Dellinger and Yoko Ono commissioned a billboard in Fort Myers, Fla. reading "I LOVE YOU EARTH." The Earth seemed unimpressed, with Hurricane Irma damaging the billboard as it slammed into south Florida.

Dellinger and Ono revealed the billboard in conjunction with a new exhibit at Rauschenberg Gallery. The exhibit focused on the musical aspect of Fluxus, the art collective from the 1960s and 1970s inspired by composer John Cage, who used randomness and audience participation in his work.

"If you can't define it, it's not Fluxus, Dellinger told The News-Press. "Fluxus comes out of Dada. It can be seen as a sort of anti-art."

Irma, it seems, was not a fan of Fluxus, or perhaps of Ono. Perhaps ironically, it seems the hurricane damaged the billboard, leaving the "OIL CHANGE" sign beneath it utterly unscathed. From the picture obtained by PJ Media, it seems the power lines also escaped the hurricane's wroth.

Only "I LOVE YOU EARTH" received remarkable damage.

Last month, Dellinger told The News-Press that the message referred to the title of one of Ono's songs, but also tied in to her interest in environmental issues. Ono opposes fracking, among other things.

"I love you Earth" has rather simple lyrics. Sections include, "I love you, I love you, I love you, Earth/ I love you, I love you, I love you, now!" and "You are a meeting point of infinity/ You are turning point in eternity" and "I wanna scream about it now!"