White Males Barred From College's Social Justice Journalism Grant

Investigative journalists have a tendency to be crusaders, eager to right the perceived wrongs of the world. They're treated as romantic figures in literature alongside people like cowboys and spies, and there are instances where those comparisons are well-deserved.

However, on issues of "social justice," whatever that means, a college thinks the job isn't suitable for white males. From The College Fix:

If white males have a role in investigating social justice issues, not everyone sees it.

Journalism grants to probe social justice issues offered through Brandeis University are open only to women and journalists of color, according to a news release announcing the opportunity.

The research grants are offered as a collaborative effort between Brandeis University’s Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism and its Fund for Investigative Journalism.


“Without greater diversity in journalism, some very important stories are never pitched, some assignments never made, facts never gathered, and serious abuses of power never uncovered,” according to Brandeis University’s 2016 call for applications.

Oh, look at that. That's beautiful right there.

The part about important stories that are never pitched, and "serious abuses of power never uncovered"? It's an assertion that can't be proven or disproven. It's a statement presented as fact without a lick of evidence, and that very lack of evidence is reinforced by the claim. After all, if you ask for examples, they can't give you any because they were "never uncovered."