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U. of AZ Still Hiring 'Social Justice' Watchers, Just Changing Creepy Job Title

Last week, the University of Arizona set off a firestorm when it was learned the school proposed to hire "social justice advocates" for $10 per hour -- and one of their job responsibilities is straight from Orwell.

They are supposed to "report any bias incidents or claims" they happen to hear about.

That's right. A taxpayer-funded university is hiring professional listeners to monitor the students for politically incorrect activity. It's a social justice Gestapo, as I noted in my post on PJ Media.

The good news is that we can now credit the school for realizing it has a PR problem on its hands. But alas, it was unable to identify what it is. Because they are not backing down from the idea itself -- just the job title. And the positions have already been filled:

School officials now tell the Phoenix New Times that they are changing the job title from “social justice advocate” to something else because the term “social justice” is too loaded.

“It’s best to use a title that isn’t politically charged,” said university spokesperson Pam Scott. “It just set off alarms.”

The Phoenix New Times notes that despite announcing plans to change the name, the position and its responsibilities will likely remain the same.


The students previously known as social justice activists will still be responsible for reporting fellow students for “bias”, and these students will be contacted by university administrators to discuss their behavior.

Four students have already been hired for the position, according to the Phoenix New Times. The hiring process is closed.

Frankly, I don't care if they call them The Care Bear Zydeco Band And Gospel Choir. The issue isn't calling them "social justice advocates," but that they will be a social justice secret police, constantly watching their peers for signs of WrongThink.

Because they're paid to do it, they're far more likely to feel obligated to report incidents that they otherwise might have ignored.

Will the school also be hiring "Free Speech Advocates" to point out to SJWs that yes, Joe and Bill are free to pass out copies of the Constitution? Of course not. The University of Arizona is using taxpayer money to fund a group of zealots to police students who commit acts that oppose "social justice," and I bet a competent lawyer could make a case that this violates Arizona's statute against inhibiting free speech. At the very least.