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Millennial Women Respond: 'Tomi Lahren Doesn't Speak for Us'

We are not afraid to admit we have never been real fans or followers of Tomi Lahren. Even from the beginning, she seemed like a shill for Trump, certainly not the long-awaited feminine heroine we had in mind to stand up for principled conservatism.

Our initial feelings about her were confirmed last week when Lahren, a guest on “The View,” declared herself to be pro-choice (which is really just a nice way of saying that you’re pro-legalized murder). Her logic: “The government can stay out of my guns and stay out of my body as well.”

What’s more disheartening is that she previously identified as being pro-life, claiming that abortion was the "murdering of an unborn baby" and going on a tirade against Lena Dunham and her warped version of feminism. But when given the chance to bravely voice that view and prove that Republican females are more than just tanned, made-up faces, she choked and caved, renouncing the truth of abortion to garner the favor of a mostly liberal female audience.

It’s hard to see Tomi Lahren as anything other than a sellout who went on national television and took a shot at her own supporters by telling the world that all pro-life women are really hypocrites. That, or she really drank the post-modernist Kool-Aid and bought into relativist “truth.” Either way, she’s become a free agent of opportunity and it’s rather disappointing.

As three young conservative females, we wanted to set the record straight: Tomi Lahren is not the poster girl for our conservatism. We come from different backgrounds and different perspectives, as all women do, yet we are all united on this: Tomi Lahren’s “my truth” is not the truth. Tomi has bought into the liberal idea that each person is entitled to their own personal reality that no one else has license to question or criticize. We know deep down that there is such a thing as objective truth, and Tomi has turned her back on it for the sake of convenience or out of genuine apathy for abortion.

Let each us of us tell you why Tomi Lahren is #notmyconservative:

Jessica Kramer: As a young conservative feminist, it is the Tomi Lahrens of the Republican Party that concern me. They adopt the liberal version of feminism instead of courageously standing up to promote ours. They don’t believe in the truth, so they make up their own. I want young women on the right to actually stand up for the rights of all women – including the unborn women which half of all abortions destroy; to fight the ridiculous yet institutional assumption that birth control and abortion are needed for women to succeed (maybe in a man’s world, but I thought the "future is female"?). I want them to root their politics to an ideology, not their sex, to vote their conscience, not vow their blind allegiance to a party, to think, not react, to learn, not just rant. I want them to know their "feminine genius"; that it includes a multitude of attributes (as they do), but that it should never cease to celebrate the power in female fertility and the unique ability to bring new life into the world, a power possessed only by women, something that men can never do. Refusing to celebrate what sets you apart from a man is a waste of an XX chromosome.