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Donald Trump Is Literally Giving Women Migraines

New York Magazine’s “The Cut” talked to some women and found that they’ve been getting more headaches this past year, and it’s all because of Donald Trump.

Amy, a 31-year-old Hillary Clinton supporter whose name has been changed to hide her true identity, says her migraines increased the closer it got to the November election.

“I got a lot more stressed once I realized that … there was a good chance we’d have a very contentious election,” Amy told the Cut. “I felt like I was on high alert all the time, and that’s definitely a trigger, to not be able to let your body shut down and rest.”

Her migraines didn’t stop with the election of course, because she feels “stress and anxiety over what the next four years might look like.”

Elizabeth Seng, clinical psychologist and “head-pain expert” for Excedrin, says Amy is one of many people who suffer from migraines due to the election of Trump.

“Excedrin did this large nationwide survey of more than 1,000 people, and seven out of ten Americans said that this presidential election has caused more headaches than any other election year,” Seng told the Cut.

Michelle, whose name has also been changed, is a 32 year old who thought her migraines were due to her increased work in the media during the election. “But as the episodes persisted, she realized they must be tied to the stress of Trump’s impending presidency.”

“The interesting thing is that I have seemed, at least to myself, to be taking the election less personally/existentially than lots of people. (I’m very upset, obviously, but I didn’t think I was internalizing it),” Michelle said.

What are their worries, you ask? It’s all the “unknowns associated with both a conservative Congress and an incoming administration dead set on attacking women’s reproductive rights.”

“I’m still going to wonder every day if my health insurance is going to be taken away,” Amy said, adding that she’s only able to actually afford her migraine medication through the Affordable Care Act.

Seng says the body has a way of adapting to stress, “so there’s a chance that migraine sufferers may see their episodes decrease as they adjust to the new normal.”

I have to ask, when Barack Obama declared that we are now living with a “new normal” of less prosperity, did we read stories about conservatives suffering from Obama-induced migraines? Did we hear any such thing when he was elected twice? There were a lot of people upset and angry over the McCain and Romney losses, but they didn’t fall on fainting couches or need medication.